Our work

At the Pere Tarrés Foundation

We work to help children
live like kids and grow as people.

What is the social impact of our mission?

annual beneficiaries of our educational and social action.

Our work

Our work

We promote and accompany people throughout their lives, mainly children, adolescents and young people and their families, through our educational and social action. We also train professionals, volunteers and entities and contribute to the improvement of society with research, advising and academic projects, as well as with community actions and promotion of participation and social cohesion.

And how we do it


Especially in leisure contexts and social action

Education in free time is a very valuable
educational time, a unique experience that
contributes to the growth of children and young people, and
throughout people's lives.


children, adolescents and young peope in


leisure centres, accompanied by


volunteer counsellors from Movement of Catalan Christian Free-time Activity Centres


children and adolescents taking part in environmental education programs


children from 0 to 3 years in




children in school canteens and extracurricular activities


children, adolescents and young people taking part in summer activities such as camps, routes, free-time activities centres and training for free time educators, organized by the Pere Tarrés Foundation, leisure or socio-educational centres.


people in family vacations activities


To children and young people in vulnerable situations.

The impact of educational activities in free time is even more positive and necessary for children in vulnerable situations.

5,998 children in a situation of social vulnerability attended in 38 socio-educational centres of the Network of Socio-educational Centres of the Pere Tarrés Foundation.

The centers work every day so that all children, regardless of their origin and social condition, can develop humanly, spiritually, emotionally and competently so that, in the future, they can enjoy a full life.

12,065 children from families with socioeconomic difficulties with scholarships to carry out educational activities in their free time.

5,669 children with scholarships in camps and summer camps

21 unaccompanied migrant youth

Residential resources for unaccompanied migrant youth

Educational support for students with specific needs (NESE for its initials in Catalan).


Social and educational

The educational and social action is also developed through social, educational and free time programs focused on the promotion of the person and the subsequent transformation of society. For many years we have collaborated with public administrations and other social organizations.

56,431 people in socio-educational programs.

14,013 participants in the new technologies and digital action programs.


To carry out these educational and social activities, we make available to families, schools, esplai centers, escort groups, youth movements, cultural and educational groups a network of 18 facilities and facilities (holiday homes, hostels and a student residence). In addition, we collaborate with a hundred youth facilities.

Holiday homes and hostels network
Pere Tarrés Youth hostel
Madrid university residence

We also offer related services such as:

Leisure and volunteer work guarantees
Coach service


We educate and train professionals, volunteers and entities that accompany children, adolescents and young people, as well as groups in vulnerable situations.

752 students in the Social Education and Social Work degrees, masters and postgraduate degrees in social action at the Faculty of Social Education and Social Work Pere Tarrés - URL
Seniors University Program

50,980 participants in free time courses, social action, management of entities and socio-labour insertion programs.


Knowledge dissemination

One of our main goals is to generate and disseminate useful and innovative knowledge in society, organizations and people.

Advising and academic projects
University research
Doctoral Program
Knowledge portal
Childhood Promotion Observatory


All the educational, social and knowledge actions carried out by the Foundation have an impact on the improvement of people and society, in accordance with its mission and ideology. However, the entity devotes special attention to people in situations of social vulnerability. Children, adolescents, young people, families, the elderly, migrants and unemployed people are some of the groups we accompany.

Labor insertion
Coexistence and conflicts resolution
Cultural management and facilities
Dynamization programs for the elderly
Intervention and participation with young people

Data corresponding to the year 2022

European Projects

The Pere Tarrés Foundation participates in EU funding programs. You can follow our profile on the EU Single Electronic Data Interchange Area (SEDIA) page. If you are interested in collaborating you can also contact:

Departament, Adjunt a direcció general
Rafael Ruiz de Gauna Torres
PIC: 945647278