Governing Bodies Team

Pere Tarrés Foundation Board of Trustees

The Pere Tarrés Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees. Its principal functions are to ensure the fulfilment of the mission and aims established in the entity’s articles of association, while guaranteeing its sustainability. The Board of Trustees meets on a bimonthly basis to check in on the Foundation’s various programmes and to sanction and guide when it comes to important questions, such as budgets, annual closing of accounts, documents like the Philosophy, Ethical Code, and Strategic Institutional Plan or reflections made on future perspectives. Some Board members also provide support in the search for economic resources and institutional representation, guiding the direction or facilitating valuable relationships for the entity.

Pere Tarrés Foundation Board of Trustees

Mr. Enric Crous i Millet


Father Enric Puig i Jofra, SJ.


Mr. Manel S. Bernades i Eroles


Mrs. Núria Basi i Moré


Mr. Antoni Millet i Abbad


Mr. Pere Rifà i Pujol


Dr. Begoña Román i Maestre


Mrs. Anna Sansalvadó i Alsina


Mr. Constantí Serrallonga i Tintoré


Mr. Christian Terribas i Sala


Mrs. Chelo Tonijuan i Pujol


Father Jordi Lleixà i Jané, SDB


Pere Tarrés Foundation Management Board

It is the body in charge of the management and daily operations of the entity. It is headed by the General Director.

Josep Oriol Pujol i Humet

Josep Oriol Pujol i Humet

General Director

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PADE - Executive Education Program from IESE (Class of 2006).

Diploma in Business Administration and Management from ESADE (Class of 1993).

Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona (Class of 1986).

Professional experience

Since 15 May 2002: General Director of the Pere Tarrés Foundation

From 1993 to 1998: President of the Catalan Coordination of Summer Camps, Recreational Clubs and Centres, a confederation of leisure organisations in the Catalan setting that brings together 30,000 children and 5,000 counsellors.

Since 1 November 1986: Manager of the Pere Tarrés Foundation and Director of Holiday Camp Services.

Xavi Nus i Garrell

Xavi Nus i Garrell

President of the Movement of Catalan Christian Leisure Activity Centres

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Technical aeronautic engineer and technician at the Escola de l’Esplai (Free-time School) in Lleida. Forms part of the recreational group Esplai Apassomi in Les Borges Blanques, of MCECC-Lleida.

Joan-Andreu Rocha Scarpetta

Joan-Andreu Rocha Scarpetta

Dean of the Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social Education and Social Work - URL

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Doctor in Communication Sciences (University Abat Oliba CEU of Barcelona) and Doctor in History of Religion (Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome). He has occupied a number of positions, including Vice Dean of Journalism at the University Abat Oliva CEU of Barcelona and director of the internationalization of the Trilingual Degree in Journalism at the same university. He is also a guest professor at the Gregorian and European Universities of Rome and the University of Tehran. His areas of specialization are intercultural communication, the geopolitics of communication and cultures, religious minorities and the media, and the phenomenology of religion. He has published several academic and expository articles.

Rafael Ruiz de Gauna i Torres

Rafael Ruiz de Gauna i Torres

Dir. of Training, Advising and Education and of the Network of Socio-Educational Centres

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Undergraduate Degree in Biology

Diploma in Pedagogy of Leisure and Sociocultural Animation

Various short monographic courses

Professional experience

General secretary and director of Pere Tarrés Foundation Training Institute

Former professor and director of the Pere Tarrés Postgraduate Degree EUTSES at Ramon Llull University

Manager of the Youth and Recreation Council of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Maria Antònia Peres i Torres

Maria Antònia Peres i Torres

Financial and Commercial Director

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Programme in General Direction and Management (IESE Business School)

Executive Education, SEP - Programme in General Management (ESADE Business & Law School)

Executive Education, HR - Leadership and Team Management (ESADE Business & Law School)

MBA in Business Administration and Management (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Postgraduate Degree in Taxation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Undergraduate Degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Postgraduate Degree in Digital Marketing – ESIC

Professional experience

Financial and Internal Area Director (Pere Tarrés Foundation)

Director of Management (Vallés Oriental Private Foundation)

Jordi Inglés Pernia

Jordi Inglés Pernia

Director of Holiday Camp Services

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He has completed courses in Management and Tourism at Dale Carnegie and advanced classes at ESADE, IESE and Wharton Business School. For over 30 years, he has held executive positions on a national and international level in multiple organizations. In the private sector, he has worked for multinationals like Aspro Ocio and Hotels Catalonia, and on the national level in various start-ups in the tourism sector, such as Maremàgnum, Open Camp and Poble Espanyol. In the public sector, he has worked with the Port of Barcelona and BSM.

Isabel Vergara i Batanàs

Isabel Vergara i Batanàs

Communications Director

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Undergraduate Degree in Journalism. Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

Master in Communication and Public Relations from the UAB

Postgraduate Degree in Fundraising from the UB

Vicens Vives Programme Certificate in Leadership and Civic Commitment from ESADE (Ramon Llull University)

Professional experience

She has worked as a journalist in media outlets and as head of communications in a number of municipal governments and social entities. She has also served as a communications and marketing educator in areas like cultural management and community revitalization.

Sònia Recasens

Sònia Recasens

Director of Educational and Social Programmes

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Professional experience

Professional with more than 20 years of experience in the economic-financial management of governmental and business institutions, leading and promoting initiatives of public-private collaboration. She has served as President of the Executive Board of Barcelona Municipal Services (Consell d’Administració de Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, S.A.); Mercabarna, S.A. and Barcelona Activa, S.A.; as well as President of the Municipal Treasury Institute and Vice President of Turisme de Barcelona. Executive Secretary of the Mobile World Capital Foundation (MWC) and member of the Executive Board of Fira de Barcelona.


University of Barcelona (UB). Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economic Sciences, with a business concentration. 1994

University of Barcelona (UB). Continuing education course in contracts and public services. Area of Law. 1998

CETT UB Tourism & Hospitality, Education/Research. Postgraduate Degree in Hotel Company Management. Area of General Business Administration and Management. Class of 2001-2002

IESE Business School-University of Navarra. Postgraduate Degree in Leadership for Public Management. Area of Public Administration. Class of 2010-2011

ESADE Business and Law School. MBA-Corporate. Class of 2018-2019

Collaborating entities

Doctors Without Borders


Cercle d’Economia

Association of Economists of Catalonia


Barbara Claur i Lamarca

Barbara Claur i Lamarca

Director of Human Resources

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Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from Rovira i Virgili University, with a Master’s Degree in Human Resources at EADA. Her professional experience has been linked to the world of human resources for over 18 years, and in the last 10 years she has occupied leadership positions in both the healthcare sector and a business group.

Albert Riu i Mas

Albert Riu i Mas

Director of Community Action and Territorial Development

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Postgraduate Degree in Non-Profit Entities. Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social Education and Social Work – Ramon Llull University
Vicenç Vives university programme in leadership, values and commitment. ESADE-URL
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management. Autonomous University of Barcelona

Professional experience

His professional career has revolved around the Pere Tarrés Foundation, where he has taken on a number of roles and responsibilities. In particular, he has served as coordinator of the summer activity season and as technical secretary of the Movement of Catalan Christian Free-time Activity Centres and the Network of Socio-Educational Centres. 

Experience at the Community level

As a volunteer, he has formed part of multiple entities and organizations, occupying diverse leadership positions. Among them, he is currently the general secretary of the Catalan Coordination of Summer Camps, Clubs and Free-time Activity Centres, has been a member of the Catalan Council of Volunteering and Associationism, has formed part of the economic advising team of the Catalan National Youth Council and has formed part of the Esplai Apassomi recreational group in Les Borges Blanques.

Pere Tarrés Foundation Advisory Council

Created in 2001, its mission is to help guide the Foundation in its social work. Its members have been recognized for both their personal and professional value and come from different backgrounds: business, educational, social, cultural, political and journalistic.

Mr. Joan Batlle i Bastardas

Director of Social Housing Programmes

Mr. Jacint Boixasa

Former director of Heritage of the Catalan Government and Member of Linq Venture Strategic Consulting

Mr. Josep M. Carbonell

Former president of the Catalan Audiovisual Council

Mr. Ignasi Carreras

Former director of INTERMÓN-OXFAM and senior lecturer at ESADE

Mr. Josep Maria Casasús i Guri

Journalist and university professor

Mr. Enric Cases

Centre d'Esplai Flor de Neu fee-time activity centre of Sant Vicenç dels Horts

Mr. Àngel Castiñeira

Professor at ESADE

Mr. Josep Cerveró

Tourism consultant

Mr. Josep Maria Coronas

Lawyer, Coronas Advocats S.L.

Mr. Jordi Costa

Former President of the Pere Tarrés Foundation Businessman

Mr. Francesc Escribano

Former Director of Televisió de Catalunya (the Catalan public TV)

Ms. Esperança Esteve

Former Member of the Spanish Congress

Mr. Ignasi Farreres

Former Minister of Labour of the Catalan Government

Mr. Pere Galí

Consultant Member, Business Consulting

Mr. Ignasi Garcia i Clavel

Assistant to the Catalan Ombudsman

Ms. Núria Gispert

Former Director of Càritas Diocesana

Mr. Ramon Guàrdia

Former President of the Pere Tarrés Foundation and President of Valores & Marketing

Mr. Antoni Gutiérrez

General Director of IDEOGRAMA

Mr. Amadeu Juan

Former Director of Gas Natural

Mr. Joan Martorell


Ms. Núria Mollà i Trill

Psychologist and educator

Mr. Ramon Nicolau

Technical consultant of Welfare in the Government of Andorra

Mr. Ernesto Poveda

President of ICSA RRHH

Mr. Santiago Ramentol

Former member of the Catalan Audiovisual Council and currently at the Internet Quality Agency

Mr. Salvador Rovira

Businessman of Consultores de Organización Contable

Mr. Albert Sáez

Assistant Director of the newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya

Mr. Josep Maria Sanclimens

Businessman and founder of Tribuna Barcelona

Mr. Ignasi Torrent


Mr. Isidoro Torrescusa

Manager of the Parochial Schools Foundation

Sister Catalina Verdera i Estarellas

Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul