Governing bodies

Governing bodies

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Board of Trustees

The board of trustees is made up of professionals with recognized experience in sectors related to the Foundation's activity, such as the business, academic, social and ecclesial world.

The position of patron is honorary and free, they do not receive any financial compensation for their functions. Their relationship with the Foundation is included in the Statutes, the Code of Ethics and the Conflict of Interest Policy.

Annual agreements of Pere Tarrés Foundation Board of Trustees here

Corporate governance report - year 2023

Image: meeting of the Board of trustees, advisory council and group of friends (February 2023)

Board of Trustees

Sra. Núria Basi i Moré | President

Sr. Oriol Pinya i Salomó | Vice president

Pare Josep F. Mària Serrano, SJ. | Chaplain

Sra. Anna Sansalvadó i Alsina | Vice Secretary

Sra. Gisela Valderrama i Lombarte | Member

Sra. Inés de Caralt i Casanova | Member

Sr. Ernesto Moreno i Caballero | Member

Sr. Miguel Vidal-Quadras i Trias de Bes | Member

Sr. Mauricio Canals i Ramoneda | Member

Sr. Francesc Figueras i Gudàs | Member (not belonging to the board of trustees)

Management Board

It is the body in charge of the management and daily operations of the entity. It is headed by the General Director.


Josep Oriol Pujol i Humet
General Director

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Anna Grau Jiménez
President of the Movement of Catalan Christian Free-time Activity Centres

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Rafael Ruiz de Gauna i Torres
Deputy General Director

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Carme Martinell Gispert-Saúch
Deputy General Director

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Joan-Andreu Rocha Scarpetta
Dean of the Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social Education and Social Work - URL

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Albert Riu i Mas
Director of Holiday Camp Services

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Eva Moya Caro
Educational and Social Programs Director

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Advisory Council

Created in 2001, its mission is to help guide the Foundation in its social work. Its members have been recognized for both their personal and professional value and come from different backgrounds: business, educational, social, cultural, political and journalistic.

Mr. Joan Batlle i Bastardas
Director of Social Housing Programmes

Mr. Jacint Boixasa
Former director of Heritage of the Catalan Government and Member of PRÁCTICA LEGAL GLOBAL CORPORATE

Mr. Josep Mª Carbonell
Former president of the Catalan Audiovisual Council

Mr. Ignasi Carreras
Former director of INTERMÓN-OXFAM and senior lecturer at ESADE

Mr. Josep Maria Casasús i Guri
Journalist and university professor

Mr. Enric Cases
Centre d'Esplai Flor de Neu fee-time activity centre of Sant Vicenç dels Horts

Mr. Àngel Castiñeira
Professor at ESADE

Mr. Josep Cerveró
Tourism consultant

Mr. Josep Maria Coronas
Lawyer, Coronas Advocats S.L.

Mr. Jordi Costa
Former President of the Pere Tarrés Foundation Businessman

Mr. Francesc Escribano
Former Director of Televisió de Catalunya (the Catalan public TV)

Ms. Esperança Esteve
Former Member of the Spanish Congress

Mr. Pere Galí
Consultant Member, Business Consulting

Mr. Ignasi Garcia i Clavel
Assistant to the Catalan Ombudsman

Mr. Amadeu Juan
Former director of Gas Natural

Mr. Joan Martorell

Ms. Núria Mollà i Trill
Psychologist and educator

Mr. Ramon Nicolau
Technical consultant of Welfare in the Government of Andorra

Mr. Ernesto Poveda
President of ICSA RRHH

Mr. Santiago Ramentol
Former member of the Catalan Audiovisual Council and currently at the Internet Quality Agency

Mr. Salvador Rovira
Businessman of Consultores de Organización Contable

Mr. Albert Sáez
Assistant Director of the newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya

Mr. Josep Maria Sanclimens
Businessman and founder of Tribuna Barcelona

Mr. Isidoro Torrescusa
Manager of the Parochial Schools Foundation

Ms. Maravillas Rojo
President of Abacus

Mr. Lluís Recoder
Catalan lawyer and politician

Mr. Joan Puigcercós
Catalan politician and businessman

Sister Viqui Molins
Religious member of the Company of Saint Teresa of Jesus

Mr. Eva Mª Granados Galiano
Member of the Parliament of Catalonia

Sra. Núria Mora Lorente
Project Director Barcelona Education Consortium

Sr. Antoni Burgaya Trullàs
Former general director Escola Pia de Catalunya

Association of Friends of the Pere Tarrés Foundation

Since 2011, we have had the support of a group of businessmen and managers who generate synergies to create a collaborative network of individuals and organizations to improve the situation of groups in vulnerable situations that the Foundation serves.

Association of Friends of the Pere Tarrés Foundation