Responsibility is one of our values and, consistently and out of conviction, working for quality and continuous improvement is the core of our way of being and acting. It is also one of our priorities to strive for the maximum satisfaction of the people and organizations that participate in our programs, activities, services, facilities and training.

Quality management system

The continuous improvement of the quality system is essential in our performance. We seek excellence in our activities, services and training and we measure the processes and objectives with rigorous and exhaustive internal and external monitoring.

In this sense, each year we submit to various external certifications that evaluate our action.

We have a Quality Management System implemented and certified in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. The certifying company is TÜV Rheinland Ibérica Inspection, Certification & Testing, S.A. Every year we carry out the external audit to monitor or renew, as the case may be, the certification of the entire quality management system.

The Faculty of Social Work and Social Education, in addition to the ISO system, has the SGIC certification by AQU Catalunya.

We have defined an Information Security Management System (ISMS), implemented and based on the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, which we are expanding and giving it continuity.

You can consult the quality and environment policy of the Pere Tarrés Foundation here

  • Aware that quality is a shared responsibility, we work with training and prevention involving all teams in the quality system and fostering the spirit of continuous improvement throughout the organization.
  • We work for social cohesion and respect for the environment. Our contribution to society takes the form of half a million annual beneficiaries of our social and educational action.

Satisfaction of the needs of our users

The promotion of the person is the mission of the Pere Tarrés Foundation. For this reason, our users, whether they are individuals or organizations, are at the center of our strategy.

How we do it?

  • We listen to your needs to give you an answer
  • We offer a solid and solvent organization, with a consolidated track record
  • Some ethical principles in the way of acting
  • A team of committed and responsible volunteers and workers, with technical capacity and very enthusiastic to accompany people and organizations.
  • Ethical and sustainable criteria in relation to our suppliers

In order to know the needs of our users and to be able to improve our programs, periodic surveys of the programs, services, facilities and training are carried out. The results help us to identify the strong points, and be able to strengthen them, and the weak points to be able to establish improvement actions.

Evaluations of the activities, services and training of the year 2022

Summer camps

8,3 / 10

Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel

7,5 / 10


4,6 / 5

Senior University Program

8,9 / 10

Degree in Social Education

8,5 / 10

Degree in Social Work

8,6 / 10

Non-university e-learning training

8,7 / 10

Courses for counsellors and directors of free time

8,7 /10

Advising and academic projects

9,2 /10

Network of Socio-educational centres

7,6 / 10