Transparency portal

As an exercise of transparency and accountability, we are monitored by multiple controls and oversight committees, and we have management policies, criteria and codes to guarantee the sustainability, transparency and quality of our social and educational project.

Registry no.:
000115 (previously 40SE/F) (Registry of Religious Entities of the Ministry of Justice)


Strategic Plan

Today, the Pere Tarrés Foundation forms an active part of the Catalan social fabric and the entities of Christian inspiration. The human team it is comprised of, including both volunteers — in the case of counsellors at free-time activity centres and other areas — as well as thousands of associated employees, believe in the project. The Strategic Plan, drafted with significant participation, imagines a horizon that is always open and that every year is embodied in the programme and objectives we later evaluate.

The strategic lines of the 5th Institutional Strategic Plan 2021-2023 of the Pere Tarrés Foundation are:

Balance sheet and profit and loss accounts


List of information and economic documentation of interest.