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The Pere Tarrés Foundation, founded 60 years ago and based in Barcelona, is a non-profit organization for education and social action created to promote the leisure education of children and youth. Dedicated to free-time education, volunteerism, social intervention and strengthening the social fabric, the work of the Foundation has, over time, broadened to include other areas of social action like training, research and management. 

Currently, the Pere Tarrés Foundation has branches in Barcelona, Tarragona, Mallorca and Madrid, and its areas of activity and training include the Faculty of Social Education and Social Work at URL, training in leisure, social action and management, family vacations and weekends, summer camps and clubs, recreational centres, hostels and summer camp buildings, advising and academic projects, a network of socio-educational centres, services and activities for schools, a youth hostel in Barcelona, a student residence in Madrid, and leisure and volunteer work insurances.