Frequently asked questions

Showing transparency and transmitting trust are two priority aspects for our collaborators.

So, in this space we answer questions that a person, organisation or business might ask before making us a donation.

If you still want to ask us a question, please write to

We use the donations we receive from individuals, organisations and businesses for our own projects or activities in which the main beneficiaries are the children and young people in vulnerable situations we support at the Pere Tarrés Foundation at socioeducational centres or social facilities managed by our organisation and/or for activities we organise such as the social summer camps and play schemes we carry out in the summer. 

The Pere Tarrés Foundation is subject to annual internal and external audit controls on its finances. It is also evaluated by the Lealtad Foundation, an organisation that analyses the management, governments, use of funds, economic situation, volunteers and transparency of the hundreds of social organisations and NGOs all over Spain.

The organisations analysed by the Lealtad Foundation, such as the Pere Tarrés Foundation, that meet its nine established principles of transparency and best practices receive the “Give with Confidence” seal as a guarantee that you can be sure about collaborating with us.

Anyone cooperating with the Pere Tarrés Foundation can, on prior request, visit our facilities or activities aimed at children and young people in vulnerable situations to find out first-hand about the destination of their donation.

Our social action is carried out in different municipalities in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

Leisure and play are a vital need for a child and, for this reason, rights to them are included in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. Children relate to one another and learn through play. It is their language; their way of discovering the world and, therefore, an essential way of acquiring new knowledge, socialising, growing and developing in the best possible way.

For this reason, at the Pere Tarrés Foundation we carry out projects and activities to ensure that children from families without resources can take part in activities that provide education through leisure and give them the same opportunity as other children to enjoy a full life.

The Pere Tarrés Foundation supports and cares for children and young people in vulnerable situations and with social and educational lacks, regardless of the origin and religion of their families. We carry out our actions in districts and towns where we detect a social need and where, in many cases, large numbers of families of immigrant origin live with very limited resources.

The children involved in our socioeducational centres and in other activities are mostly born in Catalonia. They practise different religions, which we consider enriches all of them, as it allows them to find out about and share the multiculturality and religious diversity that exist in our society.

Yes. In addition, donations made by individuals to the Pere Tarrés Foundation enjoy more tax advantages in the regional government section, as it is an organisation that has declared it will promote the Catalan language.

Yes, you can make us heirs to all or part of your assets or leave us something specific: money (cash or bank deposits), shares, investment funds, life insurance or material goods (a property, a car, jewels, works of art, furniture, etc.).

Including the Pere Tarrés Foundation in your will in no way prejudices your legitimate heirs, as the legal rules establish that you can make a donation to an organisation provided the legally established bequests for the heirs are respected.