A key piece

The volunteers who contribute with their commitment, time and knowledge are key to making the different Foundation social and educational projects possible.

volunteer people

counsellors in leisure centers

in senior centers

in the Network of Socio-educational Centers and social activities in summer

people in the structure of the Foundation

“I like to share my time with the boys and girls by offering them one of my hobbies, crafts. I like to interact with children, help them to be creative, to relax with crafts, to see the happy ones after finishing their creation.”

Cristina Reyes, volunteer at the Poblenou Socio-Educational Center of the Pere Tarrés Foundation (Barcelona)

“I try to contribute my time and management knowledge to achieve the objectives set by the entity. I found this to be a good way to help particularly children at risk of social exclusion. We look for collaborators and formulas to reach the resolution of problems.”

Ernesto Poveda, member of the Association of Friends of the Pere Tarrés Foundation