Contribution of the Fundació Pere Tarrés to the SDGs

With the aim of improving our world, the Pere Tarrés Foundation is committed to committing itself to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, approved by the United Nations General Assembly, to improve our world before 2030. Specifically, 826 educational and social activities of our organization affect these objectives.


At the Pere Tarrés Foundation we wanted to go further in contributing to the goals of sustainable development.

In this way, we develop pedagogical materials and focus some of our main educational and social activities on deepening the importance of achieving the goals of sustainable development among children, adolescents, young people, the elderly, schools, families and educators.

Summer camps and summer activities on the SDGs

Knowledge of the objectives of sustainable development is the pedagogical axis on which the activities of the summer camps and summer camps are articulated, one of the emblematic educational actions of our institution. In 2019 we launched the first eco-colonies, to highlight the work of environmental education that is done by the organization in the summer camps for a sustainable leisure and respectful of the natural environment.

A calendar with pedagogical files on the SDGs

In the 2020-21 school year, we created a school calendar dedicated to working and reflecting on sustainable development goals. This calendar was passed on to the educational community through schools, leisure centers, socio-educational centers and toy libraries, among others.

Each month, a team of teachers, trainers and pedagogues from the Pere Tarrés Foundation drew up different pedagogical files that proposed activities linked to the various objectives of sustainable development. The materials are designed to be useful for the realization, development and management of the educational activity of families, teaching staff of schools and educators, monitors of leisure centers and socio-educational centers.