The Pere Tarrés Foundation Team

The educational and social action performed by the Pere Tarrés Foundation is possible thanks to the engagement and professionalism of a large team of employees and volunteers.

6,909 workers during the year 2022

An average of 3,483 people on staff


The varied nature of the services, projects and activities we carry out shapes a very diverse human team, formed by university teaching staff, management staff, counsellors, educators, etc. This diversity enriches the work we do, providing multiple viewpoints and perspectives that put us more in touch with reality.

Although they sometimes go unnoticed, non-profit organizations are a source of job growth in Catalonia, jobs which have direct implications on caring for people and improving their quality of life. The Pere Tarrés Foundation is a clear example, demonstrated by its place on the list of the 40 organizations that generate the most employment in Catalonia.

The team is made up of an annual average of 3,483 people on staff, 4,840 volunteers and 108 interns with a structure agreement. Likewise, we welcome 3 people with a Youth Guarantee Program of the Catalan Employment Service for young people in internships subsidized by the European Social Fund.

78,16% WOMEN
21,84% MEN

More than 91% of staff has an indefinite contract

We are one of the 40 organizations that generate the most employment in Catalonia

Our team in first person