Governing bodies

Albert Riu i Mas
Director of Holiday Camp Services


Postgraduate course in Non-Profit Entities. Faculty of Social Education and Social Work Pere Tarrés-URL. Vicenç Vives University Program, on leadership, values and commitment. ESADE-URL Degree in Business Administration and Management. Autonomous University of Barcelona

Professional experience

He has developed his professional career in the environment of the Pere Tarrés Foundation, exercising various functions and responsibilities: the coordination of the summer activities campaign and the technical secretariat of the Movement of Catalan Christian Free-time Activity Centres and the Network of Socio-educational Centers.

As a volunteer, he has been part of multiple entities and organizations, assuming various responsibilities. Among these, it is worth noting that he is the general secretary of the Catalan Coordination of Camps, "Casals" and "Esplai Clubs", has been a member of the Council of Volunteering and Associations of Catalonia, has been part of the economic advisory team of the National Youth Council of Catalonia and has been part of the "Grupo d'Esplai Apassomi" from Les Borges Blanques.

Albert Riu i Mas