Ethical channel

Within the framework of application of the new criminal legislation, the Foundation is implementing a Management System for the Prevention of Crimes (COMPLIANCE) that advises entities to make available to workers, as well as to all the people with whom it is related , a means to raise queries and transfer concerns about issues in which the Foundation, or a person who is part of it, does not act with ethical criteria, contravenes legal regulations, does not respect the criteria of the Foundation's Code of Ethics or intuits that certain actions may imply illegalities in management behavior or that of the Foundation.

For this reason, we have created the ETHICAL CHANNEL, which aims to help us prevent infractions of internal rules of conduct or external rules that may be committed by any member of the Foundation, as well as by collaborators and third parties that are related with the Foundation.

By clicking here or by writing to the address "Ethical Channel" Pere Tarrés Foundation, Numancia street 149-151 08029 Barcelona, you can report any infraction of which you may be aware.

We inform you that you can choose to make the communication anonymously or by identifying yourself. The fact of not identifying yourself will mean that you will not be able to communicate the result of the query or complaint.

Here you have all the necessary information to know its purposes, your obligations and duties, as well as its operation.

Good practices guide. Specification of the ethical code of the Pere Tarrés Foundation (Document in Catalan).