Charitable initiatives

Increasing numbers of people decide to promote a charitable action among their friends or family to collect donations to benefit the Pere Tarrés Foundation’s social projects.

We’ll give you some ideas!


Instead of buying you a present, ask your guests to make a donation to the Pere Tarrés Foundation. You can choose the project you want the sum collected to be used for.


A padel tournament among friends, a yoga masterclass, a football match with workmates – support a charity cause by collecting donations via participants’ entry fees.


If you sell products or services, you can give your clients the chance to join in with a charitable cause by giving part of your takings for sales to our social projects. We’ll help you publicise it.


Organise a hot chocolate party, a play, a dance festival, etc. and give all or part of the sum raised from registration or tickets to our solidarity projects.

Turris bakeries collect more than €1,000 from the sale of more than 10,000 bags of their “Secalls” product.

The DiR gym collected €3,500 in donations via entries for its Yoga Day.

PROMOVIAJES gives a €1 donation for each booking received via its catalogue and collections €1,800 for the No Child Without Summer Camp campaign.

The Women’s Soccer School Barcelona football club promotes a charity challenge for the Rights of the Child and achieves it by collecting more than €1,000 in a fortnight.


If you want more information or have an idea of your own, please contact us.    93 430 16 06