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Topic 2016-2017: Work with immigrants and refugees


What is it?

The International Seminar is an exchange and comparative analysis seminar which is organized, for the past 27 years, by the Pere Tarrés School of Social Education and Social Work (Universitat Ramon Llull) together with the Catòlica University of Freiburg (Germany).

What is the objective of the seminar?

To perform a comparative analysis, between two European territories, on the development and work of social action professionals on social and educational themes. 

What will be done in this seminar?

The seminar involves two weeks of conferences, debates and visits to centers, one in Germany and the other in Barcelona.

Content Seminar Freiburg-Barcelona 2016-2017
This program will be a work of analysis and study on the situation of theimmigrants and refugees.

When and where the seminar held during 2016-2017? 
     Barcelona: From March 27th to Marc 31st 
     Freiburg: From June 12th to June 16th

Who can participate?

21 undergraduate Degree, Masters and Postgraduate students. Priority will be given to students of 1st and 2nd grade (Practicum I, II and III). 

Academic recognition
Students must attend and participate in all activities of the program of the seminar in Barcelona and Freiburg and submit a final report to recognize 1ECT.
Application deadline
From October 14th to 30th 2016.

Seminar Coordination 
Associate Dean of International Relations. 

To read the full announcement and more information, see the Faculty eCampus.


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