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There are various types of development cooperation: centralized-bilateral cooperation (State governments), decentralized cooperation (regional or autonomic governments, councils, local entities, NGOs), financial cooperation (financial resources), technical cooperation (exchange of technical and management knowledge), multilateral cooperation (funds for multilateral organizations, i.e. the UN) and the so-called university development cooperation (CUD, Cooperació Universitària al Desenvolupament). CUD is defined as “the set of activities carried out by the university’s community and aimed at social transformation in disadvantaged countries, in favour of peace, equality, human development and environmental sustainability in the world; a transformation in which institutional and academic strengthening have an important role” (Code of conduct for Universities with regards to Development Cooperation, 2005).

CUD was and is the action frame in terms of cooperation for the Universitat Ramon Llull’s Pere Tarrés School of Social Education and Social Work. Despite the difficult period the world of development cooperation is living and conscious that there is still a lot of work to be done, the School stands firm with its social and academic commitment to projects, proposals and initiatives linked with CUD.


International Development Cooperation Internships

The undergraduate internships of the Social Education and Social Work studies at Pere Tarrés School of Social Education and Social Work is one of the main pillars to achieve professional competencies. It’s the element that bridges the gap with the professional world, with three dimensions: personal, academic and technical.

The International Development Cooperation Internship in social organization is aimed at those students who choose to have a degree mention in Diversity, community and development cooperation, and complete their internships in a social organization in a developing country. (Read more)


2.0 tools on the School’s CUD


Volunteering in cooperation

The School’s Vice-Deanery of International Relations does not organize or manage volunteering in developing countries, but due to the high student demand for information on these types of programmes, we provide the references of three organizations based in Barcelona which organize these types of programmes.

For more information, contact each organization directly

Information on volunteering in developing countries


Reference websites for Development Cooperation

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