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A minimum occupancy of 2 bedrooms with 8 beds, complete, is considered a group.

Communal areas


Free-use kitchen

Show off your culinary skills in our fully equipped kitchen and share your meal with other guests if you wish



Washers, dryers, laundry room and an outdoor space to hang clothes. Very useful for keeping your outfits and clothes clean and not having to carry too much luggage. Sports lovers appreciate this very much.

Terraza interior


Enjoy the outdoors without leaving the hostel! Our spacious internal terrace is the ideal place to socialise with other travellers. Also, if you wish and the weather allows , you can also have breakfast, lunch, dinner there or just relax.

Área de ping-pong

Table tennis area

For moments of outdoor fun, we offer a space equipped with a ping-pong table. Challenge your friends or meet other travellers while playing a game.



Our relaxation area. Here you will find space to sit, chat and have fun. A perfect place to get away from it all and socialise.

Área de PC's

PC area

We offer you computers with internet access free of charge. We know how important it is for most of our guests to stay connected. Of course, we also have free wi-fi throughout the building.