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A minimum occupancy of 2 bedrooms with 8 beds, complete, is considered a group.

“La Cuina de l'Alberg”

At “La Cuina de l'Alberg” you will be able to enjoy your breakfast, which is always included in the price of your stay, so you can charge your batteries for a special day in Barcelona, visiting museums, monuments and iconic buildings and enjoying the countless activities the city has to offer.

We also offer lunches, dinners and a picnic service.

Our balanced menus are based on the Mediterranean diet. If you have any specific needs due to allergies or intolerances all you need to do is tell us.

The space has a large dining room and a big outdoor terrace, where you can enjoy your food in nice weather and a good atmosphere.

“La Cuina de l'Alberg” is also open to people who are not staying with us and it’s an ideal place for group lunches and dinners.

If you want a special breakfast service or a group coffee break, don't forget to ask us for a quote.

If you are from Barcelona, you can also come and enjoy our cuisine, always at an affordable price and with options for all tastes!