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A minimum occupancy of 2 bedrooms with 8 beds, complete, is considered a group.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism is one of our commitments. We are proud to present the quality and sustainability certificates and seals that confirm our focus on providing a unique, sustainable experience for everyone who visits us.

This international recognition certifies our mission and commitment to make every effort to contribute to conserving the planet.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented various measures to reduce our environmental impact. We have adopted a policy of reducing plastic packaging, prioritising green alternatives and promoting recycling. Through water consumption controls, we ensure responsible use of this valuable resource and fight to conserve it.

Our building is fully accessible and we believe everyone should have the chance to enjoy the experience of staying at our hostel, regardless of their needs. We also offer adapted bedrooms with bathrooms for people with reduced mobility so they can share the experience of visiting Barcelona with their friends.

Beyond the guest experience, you'll be pleased to know each stay contributes to a bigger cause. The Barcelona Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel belongs to the Pere Tarrés Foundation – an organisation that helps children and disadvantaged groups. With your stay in our hostel, you are contributing to our solidarity projects, ensuring a positive impact on the lives of people in need.

The Barcelona Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel offers a responsible, sustainable tourism experience guaranteed by quality seals. Our concern for the environment and for accessibility, and our commitment to solidarity projects are at the heart of our identity. We invite you to join us on our journey, where every stay counts in building a better future for everyone.

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2019 Global Youth Travel Awards
Best Social Responsibility Initiative
October 11, 2019

Global Youth Travel Awards 2019