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Regulation and internal rules

The residence was founded in the year 1950 by the religious Daughters of Charity; “The Immaculate” residence is currently managed by the Pere Tarrés Foundation.

"La Inmaculada" Residence is a University Centre, which serves the University Community, provides students with accommodation and promotes the scientific, social and cultural education of its residents by projecting its activity, which is adapted to the demands of modern life.

The Residence is at the service of the university students by facilitating their way of life during their university studies and it participates in their integral education, by placing at their disposal more than mere accommodation.

It is a forum or atmosphere which promotes and develops the practice of human and civic values such as tolerance, responsibility, solidarity and autonomy. Also, it encourages the education of healthy habits of peaceful co-existence and develops participation in cultural activities by promoting athletic and academic activities, as well as free accredited elective courses, officially recognized.

  1. "La Inmaculada" University Residence is promoted and managed by the Pere Tarrés Foundation, a not-for-profit social action entity, which aims to promote leisure education, volunteering, the improvement of social action and the strengthened associations.
  2. Principles that guide our actions:
    • The individual founds his end in himself.
    • All cultural, training and social actions have an educational dimension.
    • Values education favours individuals’ integral growth.
    • Free time education is a fundamental pillar of individuals’ integral education.
    • We support the concept of social action as an option for both more disadvantaged groups and those which collaborate with us.
  3. General Objectives:
    • To create a family atmosphere based on values that we consider universal.
    • To cover residents’ accommodation and dietary needs, as well as their personal and human needs.
    • To offer a warm atmosphere for facilitate residents’ integration in a new social medium.
    • To endow students with the necessary resources for develop their studies successfully.
    • To help residents in their academic and personal decisions by offering appropriate support in each case.
    • To provide to the students a place to rest, study, form relationships and participate in recreational activities, as well as a friendly and helpfully environment.
    • To encourage compliance with the Residence Hall’s Internal Rules as a model of respect and peaceful co-existence, by being sensitive to the concrete conditions of each individual.
    • To disseminate among the residents the possibilities of cultural and leisure activities offered by the Community of Madrid.
    • To sum up, we aim to attain an appropriate atmosphere in which residents live together freely, responsibly and constructively.
  4. Supervising the Residence Hall, there is a director who assumes responsibility for the Residence Hall’s activities and operation.
  5. An Advisory Council in which the students have been elected by residents also collaborate with the Residence Hall Management in order to provide the information to problems which arise and the solutions to them.
  6. Before the start of each academic year, the University Residence Hall prepares a report on the activities which took place during the previous academic year and the study plan for the coming year, to be approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.
  7. The Pere Tarrés Foundation supervises and it is directly responsible for the quality of the services provided by the Residence Hall and those ones which it promotes.


The Residence Hall’s Internal Rules

  1. The Residence Hall’s Management guarantees residents the following rights:
    • Rest and silence.
    • Privacy.
    • Private correspondence and telephone conversations.
    • Free expression of their opinions within the framework of the Constitution.
    • Respect and dignified treatment.
    • Religious freedom.
  2. Residents are directly responsible for the consequences of their actions.
  3. The Management is responsible of assigning rooms and of changes about genereal reasons.
  4. The installation and use of electrical appliances in rooms, such as fridges, microwaves, heaters and televisions, is not permitted. The use of candles or any other objects which produce flames or smoke are also forbidden. Forbidden appliances or objects which bother neighboring residents shall be removed from rooms. Animals are not allowed in rooms. Any changes in rooms must be duly authorized in writing by the Management.
  5. The Residence Hall must be kept tidy and clean, both as regards rooms as well as communal spaces. To achieve this, there is a place on each floor with cleaning products which are at the disposal of residents. Residents must leave their rooms tidy and ready for the cleaning service.
  6. No objects are permitted outside windows or on room balconies.
  7. No food may be stored in rooms for hygienic reasons.
  8. Any damage to rooms or repairs which may be necessary must be reported in writing.
  9. There is a self-service coin-operated laundry at the disposal of residents.
  10. Residents must leave their rooms free and they must remove all their personal belongings from them at the end of the academic year. Any other arrangement must be approved by the Management.
  11. The Management is not responsible for objects or money which may be lost on the premises. We recommend the residents to do not leave their belongings in communal spaces. 
  12. Without prejudice to criminal liability, entering the rooms of other residents when they are absents is strictly forbidden. 
  13. Visitors may not enter rooms without the explicitly permission of the Management. Hazing is expressly forbidden, as the consumption or possession of alcohol or any type of drugs or narcotics in the Residence Hall. 
  14. The mentioned rules shall be sanctioned as serious misconduct by expulsion from the centre.


The Respect for freedom

  1. The students who stays outside the premises overnight must report this in advance and in writing. Or it should be impossible that the student inform the Management by telephone from the place where he is.
  2. The Residence Hall’s installations and services are at the disposal of all residents. No resident or group of residents may monopolize them or prevent them from being used by those who have a right to their use. The use of installations and services must be reconciled with other residents’ rights to study, work and rest.
  3. There are authorized smoking areas in the Residence Hall: the TV rooms and the garden. Ashtrays must be used at all times. Smoking is not allowed outside designated areas.
  4. Residents must be appropriately dressed in communal areas in order to respect the others.
  5. Students may not meet in rooms after midnight. Silence must be scrupulously respected at this time in all Residence Hall areas, especially in rooms, corridors, staircases and living rooms. Any type of behavior or loud conversation which may bother other residents must be avoided in these places and in the study room.
  6. The Management reserves the right to admit residents, as well as the right to expel residents who do not respect the Residence Hall rules.


Our hours

  Opening time Closing time
From Mondays to Thursdays and Sundays 7h. 24h.
Fridays, Saturdays and holiday evenings 7h. 1h.1

1. The Residence Hall has a night porter at the reception desk after 1:00 a.m. to attend to the arriving residents.


Dining hall

  Workdays Saturday / Sunday / Holidays
Breakfast 7,15 h. a 9 h. 8,30 h. a 10,30 h.
Lunch 13 h. a 15,30 h.
14 h.
Dinner 21 h. 21 h.



Residences that must remain in the University Residence Hall for extraordinary reasons, after the 30th of June or before the 1st of October they must submit a request with one month in advance.

According to the academic calendar of the universities, the residence will be closed during the Christmas holidays, Easter and August.

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