Rules and regulations for internal procedures

La Inmaculada Residence is a university centre that provides residence for students and promotes cultural, social and scientific training for residents by directing its work towards the service of the University Community and adapting to the requirements of contemporary reality.

It is at the service of university students by facilitating their way of life during their studies at the University, participating in their comprehensive training, by providing them with more than just hotel accommodation.

It is a forum or area that aims to foster and develop the practice of human and civic development such as tolerance, responsibility, solidarity and autonomy, as well as promoting the formation of healthy co-living habits and where the practice of cultural activities is developed, promoting both athletic and academic activities, such as self-designed courses for academic credit.

Residence La Inmaculada rules and regulations

Residents’ rights

La Inmaculada University Residence is promoted and managed by the Pere Tarrés Foundation, a non-profit social action program which aims to promote free-time education, volunteer work, the improvement of social action and the strengthening of the social fabric.

Our guiding principles

  • A person is an end-in-itself.
  • All social, academic and cultural activities include an educational dimension.
  • An education in values favours the holistic growth of the individual.
  • Free-time education is a fundamental pillar of the holistic education of the individual.
  • We encourage social action to be understood as an option both for the most disadvantaged groups and for those susceptible to our collaboration.

General objectives

  • To create a family-like environment based on values we understand to be universal.
  • To cover the residents’ needs for lodging and support as well as those of a personal and human nature.
  • To offer a welcoming environment so as to facilitate the resident’s entry into a new social context.
  • To provide the student with everything they need to successfully pursue their studies.
  • To help the resident with personal and academic decisions, offering appropriate support in each case.
  • To provide them with a space for rest, study, interaction and recreation, as well as an environment of friendship and support.
  • To favour the fulfilment of the Internal Residence Regime, as a regulatory model of respect and coexistence, showing sensitivity towards the particular conditions of each person.
  • To disseminate among residents the possible cultural and leisure activities offered by the Community of Madrid.

In short, we seek to achieve a suitable environment that promotes a free, responsible and constructive coexistence.

The University Residence is headed by a Director who assumes responsibility for the activities and operation of the Residence.

The Pere Tarrés Foundation guarantees the quality of the services of the La Inmaculada Residence as well as those promoted by it, and is directly responsible for it.

The Residence Management guarantees the following rights of residents:

  • To rest and silence.
  • To privacy.
  • To the confidentiality of their correspondence and telephone conversations.
  • To the free expression of their opinions within the framework of the Constitution.
  • To respect and dignity.
  • To religious freedom.

Residents’ duties

  • Residents agree to ALWAYS respect others. In addition to absolute respect for study, rest and freedom, as well as any other constitutional rights of other residents, employees of La Inmaculada Residence and collaborating companies.
  • Hazing or any type of individual or collective act that violates the dignity and fundamental rights of residents is strictly prohibited. Violation of this prohibition will be considered a very serious offence and will be sanctioned with immediate expulsion from La Inmaculada Residence.
  • The dealings between residents must be correct and must not generate positions of power between them. All residents have equal rights.
  • Residents will be directly responsible for the consequences derived from their own actions, and in particular, for the surreptitious or malicious entry of non-residents to the Residence into its facilities.
  • The order and cleanliness of the Residence must be maintained to the highest degree, both in the room and in the common spaces. For this purpose, there is an area on each floor with cleaning supplies available to the Residents.
  • Residents must leave the room tidy and available for the cleaning service shift.
  • At the end of the academic year, residents will leave their rooms vacant and must take all their personal belongings with them. Any other provision in this regard must be approved by the Management.
  • The Management reserves the right of admission of the residents and will freely exercise the resolution of the contract signed with them and/or their representatives if the resident engages in any serious act of insubordination, with respect to their managers or employees or any other that may affect the morality or good order of the Residence.

The Residence’s exercise of the resolution of the contract will not absolve the residents and/or their representatives from the economic obligations contracted and expressed in the Registration Form.

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