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Degrees | Social Education | Course structure



Social history
Theories and processes of Education
Psychology of vital cycle
Socio-educative intervention bases
Practicum I: approximation to social action
Social anthropology
Law and citizenship
Social psychology
Practicum II: communicative tools


Social skills
Methods and techniques of research
Social services
Health and social vulnerability
Practicum III: contexts of social intervention
Journalist techniques
Childhood and adolescence
Practicum IV: social analysis of a territory
Community pedagogy
Structure and social inequalities


Group dynamics
Professional ethic
Management of organizations
Programmes evaluation
Management of crisis situations
English for social education
Practicum V: extensive internships and supervision
Research applied to the intervention
Design and planning in educative action


Mental health
Practicum VI: intensive internships and supervision
Social entities organization
Social pedagogy
Social Europe
Final Degree Work



Strategic approach of professional situations
Poverty and social exclusion: strategies of intervention
Intervention with adolescence and youth
Intervention in socio-sanitary services
Theatre and corporal expression for the socio-educative action
Management of leisure activities
Social accompaniment to people with functional diversity
Socio-educative intervention in the field of mental health
Intervention in the field of justice
Socio-educative intervention in drug addictions
Childhood and family
Community action and immigrations
Music and social action
Health, sexuality and interpersonal relations in adolescence
Environmental education
Intervention in residential contexts
Plastic arts and socio-educative action
Socio-labour incorporation
Strategies of citizen participation
Old people and community health
Interreligious discussion and social action

Home visits
Penal mediation
Familiar mediation
Cinema and social action


Credits are distributed in: Basic academic training 60 ECTS/Obligatories 102 ECTS/ Optionals 24 ECTS.
Practicum 43 ECTS (31 ECTS external internships + 12 ECTS seminaries)/ Final Degree Work 11 ECTS.
Wide optional offer related with the intervention.

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