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Responsibility, sustainability and quality

Responsibility and commitment are two essential elements which characterize the Pere Tarrés Foundation’s identity and modus operandi. The entity aims to act in coherence with its principles to establish codes, criteria, policies and practical guidelines, for both the internal operations of the Foundation as well as for its external activity.

Ethical code of the Pere Tarrés Foundation

Ethical code

The purpose of the ethical code is to define a few precise, essential guidelines to clarify who we are and how we engage with society, our users and service recipients, and our collaborators. They are, therefore, the guidelines that allow us to identify ourselves with both goals and actions, as well as with a way of proceeding and relating to our environment.

Ethical code of the Pere Tarrés Foundation

The Pere Tarrés Foundation’s solidarity projects

Solidarity projects

The Pere Tarrés Foundation works so that children in vulnerable situations learn and grow through educational and leisure activities and have a future with the same opportunities as all other children. “Help them grow up” encompasses all Pere Tarrés Foundation projects aimed at reducing social inequality, allowing thousands of children at risk of social exclusion to participate in educational and leisure activities all year round, at open day centres, on school field trips or at summer camps and clubs.

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Hiring and purchasing policies of the Pere Tarrés Foundation

Hiring and purchasing policies

Our ethical code impels us to avoid financial and contractual relationships with activities which go against the human rights recognized by international treaties or in the mission and values of the Foundation. We must also make sure to establish relationships with suppliers who work with values similar to those which govern our activity. Thus, our hiring and purchasing policy is governed by criteria such as objectivity, quality and independence.

The practical guidelines derived from these criteria include, for example, to appreciate the social value provided by suppliers, to try to choose services and products from social entities (job placement companies, cooperatives, etc.), and to prioritize the purchase and internal use of products which are environmentally-friendly, sustainable, fair-trade and, overall, have social and cultural value.

The Pere Tarrés Foundation’s equal opportunities policy

Equal opportunities policy

We have launched our second Equality and Family Conciliation Plan, which aims to improve the work-life balance, prevent all kinds of sexist attitudes, raise awareness on gender issues, reduce absenteeism, normalize the use of non-sexist language and promote diversity. The overall goal is to create a coherent professional project that respects all workers’ rights.

Quality policies of quality of Pere Tarrés Foundation

Quality policies

In 2018, the entire Pere Tarrés Foundation was recertified in the ISO 9001:2015 management system. The certifying company was TÜV Rheinland. In addition to the ISO system, the Faculty of Social Work and Social Education has been SGIQ-certified by AQU Catalunya.

Moreover, the Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés has been given the seal of environmental quality recognized by the Catalan Government, has the “Q” for quality awarded by the International Youth Hostel Federation and Hostelling International, and is accredited with the AMED emblem, which guarantees the quality of a healthy meal following the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

Policy of quality and environment

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Policy of quality and environment

Policy of quality and environment

The Pere Tarrés Foundation is in the process of implementing a system of environmental management that will prevent pollution, reduce our environmental footprint and encourage sustainability.

To achieve this, the following areas are being developed:

  • Implementation of sound environmental practices: We are progressing toward the proper separation of wastes, especially more hazardous items like electric and electronic waste, oils used in kitchens, light bulbs and special packages. Special attention is also being paid to the use of recycled paper, reducing plastic bottles through the installation of fountains...
  • Improvements in the efficiency of our facilities: Among other measures, the consumption of supplies is being closely monitored, using energy audits to verify proper operations. As a result of the work accomplished, more sustainable installations are beginning to be made, such as the installation of solar panels and compartmentalization of lighting systems.
  • Environmental education and social engagement: The Foundation stands out for its long tradition in environmental education at summer camps designed for school groups, including the Ruca House as a centre of environmental education, training courses in environmental interpretation and management... The Foundation has also gotten involved in campaigns like “More Sustainable Barcelona” or “A million for the climate”.

The system of environmental management which is in process of implementation at the Foundation adheres to the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 regulation. In 2019, the educational centre on Carrer Carolines and the Headquarters on Carrer Numància will be certified and progressively the certification will be extended.

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