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Pioneers in leisure education

The Pere Tarrés Foundation, with more than 60 years of existence, is a non-profit educational and social-action organisation created to promote the leisure education of children and young people.

Dedicated to the promotion of free-time education, volunteerism, improving social intervention and strengthening the associative fabric, the work of the Foundation has, over time, broadened to include other areas of social action like training, research and management.

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Misión de la Fundación Pere Tarrés

Our mission

Promotion of the individual through education, especially in leisure contexts, and social action based on the values of Christian humanism.

Elements of our mission

  • Promotion of the individual. Our final reference point is everything that contributes to the full realisation of the individual, in all of his or her dignity and dimensions.
  • Education. All our action has a clear educational dimension in both means and ends.
  • Leisure education. The importance of non-academic social contexts in the construction of young people’s personalities has made us choose leisure as an exceptional setting for promoting values-based education.
  • Social action. Social action with special-needs or highly disadvantaged collectives or promoting community development will only be at the service of the individual and his or her growth if it incorporates the educational dimension or becomes an environment for values-based education.
  • Our values. We only understand education as an education in values that structure the individual.

Do you want to know the philosophy of the Pere Tarrés Foundation?

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Visión de la Fundación Pere Tarrés


  • We want to be a relevant and transformative social agent, dedicated to direct educational and social action, associated institutions, training, and the spreading of knowledge and reflection.
  • We want to be an independent organization, of Christian and efficient inspiration, that generates social value and improvement among children and other collectives with social needs and that helps non-profit entities of general interest.
  • Our commitment is universalizing. We are planning a significant growth in the dimension and impact of our actions and reflections, in both the Catalan and Spanish context as well as, occasionally, in Latin America, over the next few years.

Pere Tarrés Foundation Institutional Report