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Guía pedagógica del Programa de Refuerzo Educativo
  • · Editorial: Graó
  • · Year: 2016

Guía pedagógica del Programa de Refuerzo Educativo

Txus Morata, Marta Burguet, Eva Palasí, María Valencia

This book is aimed at education professionals, especially those who are dedicated to socio-educational support in the growth of children who are in a situation of social vulnerability. It offers tools and strategies to work with girls and boys in the elementary educational stage. All these resources aim to contribute to the improvement of their academic competences, to overcome the compulsory educational stage successfully and reduce their risk of social and labor exclusion.
The Educational Reinforcement Program that is presented is based on different pedagogical models, specifically the constructivist, systemic and cognitive-behavioral models and allows them to be applied in educational environments, through a detailed proposal of objectives, professional competences and a set of activities designed from three dimensions (physical, cognitive and emotional). This program wants to respond to the integrality of the development of children through methodological orientations and evaluative actions.
Preserving the integral vision has been the main premise that has guided every didactic proposal, considering that education in this 21st century responds to the great challenge of educating to be and live together, thus developing the global competences of its know-how and being in the world since the childhood. Not surprisingly, the acquisition of life skills is transmitted in the acquired study habits and, therefore, through educational reinforcement that goes beyond school reinforcement.

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