Faculty Ethics Committee

The Pere Tarrés-URL Faculty of Social Education and Social Work established the Faculty Ethics Committee in 2018. The Committee systemises and makes explicit ethical reflection on research and the processes that derive from it.

The document governing the activities of the Faculty Ethics Committee defines its significance, goals and operation.

In line with the principles of the Pere Tarrés Foundation, established in its code of ethics (2011), the document follows the ethical guidelines that regulate the research practice of all staff linked to the URL, and which are included in the Code for the integrity of URL research, as well as in the technical recommendations of the Ramón Llull University Research Ethics Committee (CER-URL).

The Committee’s activities fall into three main areas of operation. Firstly, it evaluates ethical aspects of research projects by staff at the faculty. Secondly, it guides teaching teams, providing criteria for establishing an ethical research culture both in the organisation as a whole and, particularly, in training students at different academic levels. Thirdly, it can advise the different actors at the

Faculty on controversial issues concerning the ethics of research. With regard to the evaluation function, requests for opinions should be submitted to research@peretarres.org using this form.

The Committee will gradually build up a body of consultation documentation. At present, recommendations have been issued on the preparation of informed consent in the framework of degree and master’s course dissertations and other research proposals.