Objectives of the Chair

Main objective

In the broadest sense, to transform the present model of social justice. In a stricter sense, to promote a model of justice that places the emphasis on restoration.

Strategic objectives

  • To influence society, particularly as regards criminal policy.
  • To establish a national and international network of knowledge.
  • To provide specific training for students of social science and the humanities.

Instrumental objectives

  • To foster interdisciplinary research aimed at building up an overall vision: work teams that combine knowledge traditionally linked to social practice with knowledge more closely linked to academia (interdisciplinarity between law, philosophy, social work and social education, etc.) to increase the applicability of results.
  • To encourage a social debate that centres on the introduction of obligations for the most socially powerful actors: States, companies, organisations, etc.
  • To evaluate programmes, work models and practices that can help to identify, measure and quantify results with a view to enhancing social action processes. 
  • To participate in public and private spaces to raise awareness about those most affected by our model of justice, and to disseminate new models based on restorative justice.
  • To promote restorative processes and alternative measures to prison (and evaluate the benefits involved). Victim, offender and society should all play an active role in conflict resolution.