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Scholarships for summer camps and clubs

Thanks to the support of numerous individuals and companies 4,171 children received a scholarship the summer of 2019

Beques per a colònies i casals d'estiu

The colonies of summer are an opportunity because the children and young enjoy all what contribute the activities of education in the leisure: learn through the game, purchase values of individual shape and in team, and work healthy habits.

Fidel to his mission to promote the education in the leisure of children and young, the Pere Tarrés  Foundation has several houses of colonies all over of Catalonia, with the aim that the boys and girls enjoy some days on holiday and of educational leisure and, at the same time, know his surroundings and country.

Any child without summer camps

To guarantee the equality of opportunities, in the summer the Pere Tarrrés Foundation realises the campaign “Any child without camps”, to concede scholarships to children in vulnerable situation, with the aim that also can enjoy the experience to go to camps in the summer.

The participation of the children in risk of social exclusion in the camps is not a luxury, but a need. The accompaniment, attention and help that receive has a very positive effect on his growth and his welfare, and opens them the doors to a better future.

Our work of attention to children in vulnerable situations continues throughout the year

Socio-educational day centres

Socio-educational day centres

The companionship, care and help that the children and families who participate in the socio-educational centres’ activities receive has a very positive effect on their well-being.

26 centers
2,785 children
Scholarships for school camps

Scholarships for school camps

We guarantee that the right of children to education and leisure goes beyond school walls.

79 schools
417 children
Scholarships for summer camps and clubs

Scholarships for summer
camps and clubs

We provide opportunities for children to have fun and learn through play, acquire values individually and as a team, and develop healthy habits.

4,020 child scholarship recipients