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Scholarships for school camps

To take part in school getaways and to have fun with other classmates cannot depend on the socioeconomic status of the children's families. Discovering the environment, independence, and the will to get to know our country helps them to grow up in a healthy, positive, and transformative way.

For this reason, convinced of the pedagogical value of these activities and the need to promote the social inclusion of all children and young people through leisure time, the Pere Tarrés Foundation carries out fundraising campaigns to grant scholarships for school camps for the children who require it.

Scholarships for school camps

An opportunity to live with nature

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Collaborators with the Scholarships for school camps project. Agbar Fundació – Fundació Abertis – SABA

Socio-educational day centres

Socio-educational day centres

The companionship, care and help that the children and families who participate in the socio-educational centres’ activities receive has a very positive effect on their well-being.

30 centers
3,775 children
Scholarships for school camps

Scholarships for school camps

We guarantee that the right of children to education and leisure goes beyond school walls.

73 schools
537 children
Scholarships for summer camps and clubs

Scholarships for summer
camps and clubs

We provide opportunities for children to have fun and learn through play, acquire values individually and as a team, and develop healthy habits.

3,696 child scholarship recipients