Young travelers in Barcelona

Young travelers in Barcelona

Can you imagine yourself going to 6 countries in 4 weeks and visit the major cities with a local guide? Six boys and girls who live in Germany, but are from different European countries, are living this experience, and last week they stayed at our hostel in Barcelona. But the funny thing is that they do not travel alone; they are all the time followed by a camera that immortalizes their best moments. Funny, right?

In addition to the cameras, these young travelers, who are between 14 and 17, are accompanied by Ronja, a guide who takes care of them. We talked with her and Noah, an Asturian boy  who lives in Germany and speaks Spanish perfectly. Ronja tells us that the purpose of this experiment is to record a documentary that reflects the coexistence of young people of different nationalities in the same space.

Each traveler hosts in his town and introduces it to rest, teaching them the most emblematic parts of the city and the citizens way of life. The best experience for Noah, is that in the two weeks they have been traveling they have not created different  groups, they are going all together and discovering the different ways of living and culture of each country without prejudice, says the boy. So far the group has been in France, visiting Paris, then they traveled to Oviedo and last week they visited Barcelona. In the four next weeks, the idea is to visit Greece, Turkey, Italy, Germany and Austria.

Ronja highlights the good weather of Barcelona and Noah told us about his favorite neighborhood, Gràcia, which he said has a special life Berlin does not have . In addition to this neighborhood, these young people have visited downtown Barcelona and its monuments, such as Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló. As we chatted in the cafeteria of the hostel before the group was preparing for another day of visit, the two agreed to highlight how well they had been that night; It is like a hotel! Said Noah surprised... They did not know each other before, but seeing how they get along with each other, we think that at the end of this experience they will keep in touch and visit each other.

Before they left, we spoke to the staff and asked them when we could see the documentary. They told us next summer, on the German channel Kika, dedicated to children and youth programs. We will follow their trail! What about you?