What to do in Barcelona when it rains

What to do in Barcelona when it rains

Barcelona is a sunny city with a pleasant temperature, full of life, where you can always take part in all kinds of outdoor activities and enjoy the magic of the city. But... what about when it rains? There aren’t many rainy days, but when they happen, the question arises: what to do on a rainy day in Barcelona?

To avoid you being stuck without something to do, we have prepared an article with the best indoor activities in Barcelona.

Where to take refuge in Barcelona when it rains?

One of the strong points of the city is that it has a fantastic subway network connecting all the main areas of the city, creating an ideal connection for visitors and transporting them to any part of the city to enjoy their activities.

Every one of Barcelona’s subway stations is close to a main tourist attraction offered by the city, no matter if you’re looking for an outdoor activity or a place of shelter from the rain, where you can take refuge and find out what to do in Barcelona when it rains.

You can go shopping or watch a movie in a shopping centre, attend one of the plays that are represented in Barcelona’s venues or pump up the adrenaline at an indoor activity, be it go-karts, living an exciting experience in an escape room, or bowling with your friends.

And what about giving yourself a treat in one of Barcelona’s traditional restaurants and enjoy its cuisine?

A rainy day at Las Arenas Shopping Centre

Las Arenas Shopping Centre is one of the most emblematic places in Barcelona. Packed with shops and covered spaces, here you can enjoy one of the most historic areas of Barcelona. It’s located in an old bullring and its characteristic circular shape contains many leisure options right in the centre of Barcelona. Shops, cinema screens, restaurants and a spectacular observation point with one of the best views of the city, Montjuïc mountain, are the secrets of its success.

An afternoon of theatre or musicals on Paral·lel

Barcelona is a city with many theatres, and where you will find art everywhere, in every corner of its streets. In the city alone there are more than fifty venues offering daily theatre and musical shows of all kinds, tastes and budgets.

Very close to the Paral·lel subway station and a few minutes from Plaça Catalunya, you’ll find the shows of the Condal Theatre, the Victoria Theatre, El Molino, BARTS and the Tantarantana Theatre.

Spread around the city there are other interesting theatres such as the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, near Glòries station, or the Sala Becket, next to Poblenou station.

Any of these are ideal to protect you from the rain while having a great time watching an interesting show performed by professionals!

Feel the adrenaline rush in an indoor Go-Kart race

If you love intense emotions, Barcelona is the best city to live in when it’s sunny and also when it rains. On rainy days, compete with your friends at a go-kart race and find out who’s the best. It's the perfect activity!

Indoor go-karts are one of the examples of high-octane fun where you can compete with your friends in a frantic go-karting race without getting wet.

In Sant Feliu de Llobregat, a few minutes from Sants station is Indoor Karting Barcelona, one of the most emblematic spots in the city, where a unique experience is guaranteed.

Tired of so many activities? A spot of relaxation is required. To rest well from a day full of activities in Barcelona, why not try the Pere Tarrés Barcelona hostel, very close to the Sants station.

Barcelona offers many possibilities for leisure, come rain or shine, and all of them will ensure you have a fantastic time. Discover them all and enjoy!