The Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel is located on Numància Street, one of the main arteries of Les Corts, which is a quiet and elegant district of Barcelona filled with loads of charming places and tourist attractions. Discover what is around the Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel and enjoy this dynamic neighborhood of Barcelona!


The surroundings of the Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés have much to offer to those who visit Barcelona. Within less than twenty minutes you can visit authentic jewels that define the essence of the Catalan capital: from the Camp Nou to a large number Gaudí's works, passing by the tranquility that is breathed in the Plaça de la Concordia.

Camp Nou

If you are passionate about football you can not miss the legendary stadium of F.C. Barcelona, Camp Nou, which is only fifteen minutes walk from the Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés. In addition to enjoying live football, basketball or handball, for 25 euros you can live the Camp Nou experience, an emotional tour of the stadium and the museum that will expose you to best moments of F.C. Barcelona history.

Monasterio de Pedralbes

The Royal Monastery of Santa María de Pedralbes was founded at the beginning of the 14th century and is one of the best preserved examples of Catalan Gothic architecture. Let yourself be carried away by the silence of your cloister and take a moment for yourself. The first Sunday of each month or the evenings of the rest of Sundays, you can enter for free.

Pabellones Güell

The imposing dragon-shaped fence welcomes the Pavilions Güell, an estate of Eusebi Güell, patron of Gaudí, located on Avenida de Pedralbes. The grounds have wonderful gardens, gatehouses stables and longing ring, with the unmistakable touch of modernist genius. Visiting hours are from 10 am to 4 pm. The beautiful and colorful pavilions are just 15 minutes away from the Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel.

Portal Miralles

Continuing with the works of Antoni Gaudí. At the number 55 Paseo Manuel Girona appears Portal Miralles, the gate and outer wall of an old house that, Hermenegildo Miralles, commissioned to his friend Gaudí as an entrance to his property. This wall, of sinuous shapes made of white trencadís (a type of mossaic) is topped by a metallic mesh with a pinnacled ending at the top. Currently, the Portal is located between large residential blocks, and at its entrance, you can find a life-size statue of Antoni Gaudí explaining his work. You can not miss this one of the most basic works that creates the fantastic universe of Gaudí.

Jardines de Pedralbes

These typical court gardens belong to be the Royal Palace of Pedralbes. Inside the leafy and romantic gardens, you can enjoy a complete set of sculptural worthy of an art gallery. This is a place that transmits tranquility, and in the summer, hosts music event called Festival Jardines de Pedralbes.

Plaça de la Concordia

Just a couple of minutes walk from the Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel, right in the center of the Les Corts neighborhood, you will find Plaça de la Concordia. Thanks to its origin of town square, it preserved that special charm that makes it a haven of peace in a large city like Barcelona. The main element of that square is the Church of the Remei, but do not miss the antique shops such as Bages bakery and Oller pharmacy. Also worthy of note are the stained glass windows of the modernist Can Deu estate.

Centro comercial L'Illa Diagonal

  If you are passionate about shopping, in front of the hostel you will see the L'Illa Diagonal Shopping Center. A huge complex where you can find more than 170 shops, restaurants, and even a concert hall. If you are coming to Barcelona, stay at the Pere Tarrés Hostel, in the center of Barcelona, the most international environment where you can rest and recover energy. We are waiting for you!