VO Cinemas in Barcelona

VO Cinemas in Barcelona

As much as for the locals, the foreign students or random visitors, the city of Barcelona has a very good offer of VO cinemas (with subtitles): historical; new; blockbusters or small format films; re-released and double feature; documentaries and experimental.

Come and explore with us the VO cinemas in Barcelona

Veterans and d'auteur

OV cinema in Barcelona means Cines Verdi, at Carrer de Verdi 32. Frist opened in 1987, the Verdi are the most experienced theatres in OV. Nonetheless, they have adapted their technology and facilities to the pass of times. Premiere films, re-releases, alternative films and classical ones, are projected on any of the five screens of Verdi. Besides, there's Verdi Park, a second cinema of the same chain, that has four more screens at Carrer Torrijos, 14. Right on the opposite street of Verdi.

Author and alternative cinema in OV in Barcelona has a name: Meliès Cinemes. A theatre that takes its name from the great pioneer of the art of film experimentation, George Méliès. Located at Carrer de Villarroel 102, in Eixample Esquerre, it has been awarded twice by its great task in diffusing art and avant-garde films.

Another cinema on the line of Meliès is Cinema Maldà. Inaugurated in 1945 into the Palau Maldà, it was completely restored in 2012 to become a documentaries and art film theatre, all in VO. They also project movie marathons. Day and season passes are offered to the customers. Last but not least is Cinemes Girona, at Carrer Girona, 175. A cinema film theatre that plays little format creations and festivals, as well as opera projections for kids, premieres and documentaries.

A mention to the brand new Sala ZumZeig, at Carrer de Béjar 53 in Hostafrancs quarter. This small neighbourhood cinema combines premieres and alternative films; short films, children movies and documentaries. A plus, it's the first cooperative managed cinema in Spain.

We finish our tour throughout the alternative film theatres in VO at Filmoteca de Catalunya, located at Plaça de Salvador Seguí, in the centre of Raval. A public institution that works since 1981, which holds the Catalan Government Film Archive and hosts film seasons and festivals such as German or Arabic cinema; Gay and Lesbian film festival, amongst others.

Soda and popcorn VO cinemas

If you're looking for a blockbuster, we have three suggestions for you. First is Yelmo Icària. An American like movie theatre, with big screens and located into the shopping mall Centre de la Vila. It has 15 screens of only OV premieres. When possible, you can also watch them on 3D.

Renoir Floridablanca, at Carrer de Floridablanca, 135, is a 6 screen film theatre halfway between Raval and Sant Antoni neighbourhoods. Premieres are the main feature but it also organises and participates in seasons, movie marathons and film festivals. If you are a real cinema fan, you must follow their blog called la Gran Ilusión, containing news, interviews and many other stories.

We close this review with a cinema like the ones in the old days: Phenomena. Born from the ashes of the old Cine Nápoles, nowadays it is the biggest cinema in Barcelona. Its program includes from premieres and re-releases, children films (the morning marathons of Disney classics have queues of kids that go around the block) to repositions of film classics in double feature. A theatre with the smell of popcorn; soft lighting; red carpet and velvet curtains that open just before the film starts. It also has an exhibition of cinema memorabilia in the lobby that you can not miss if you really love cinema.

Foto de cabecera Phenomena-Experience.com