Reasons to visit Barcelona in winter: don't let the cold stop you!

Reasons to visit Barcelona in winter: don't let the cold stop you!

Although popularly known as a very Mediterranean city where the majority of the tourism influx arrives in summer, that shouldn’t mean you can’t visit one of the most tourist places in Spain, Barcelona is full of charm and magic also in winter.

In the coldest months of the year, you will have the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful aspects of the city and one which bring with it a lot of fun and different activities that you will not be able to access at other times of the year.

Let yourself be carried away by the Christmas spirit

During the Christmas months, colours, lights and festive atmosphere make Barcelona one of the most magical cities in the world. So, don’t miss the opportunity to stroll through the main streets of the city illuminated with colours and beautiful decorations; visit the Christmas markets or the huge mangers organised in different parts of the city or simply get drunk on the festive atmosphere in the metropolis.

Oh, don’t forget to try some typical products of these dates, such as nougat, traditional powdery sweets or churros with chocolate.

Enjoy ice skating

Other of the coolest activities and that you can only do in Barcelona in winter is to spend a few hours skating on ice, perhaps the best known are those of Skating or Palau Blaugrana, which are also open every day of the year.

However, if you prefer to look for a much more central place in the city, Barcelona has other perfectly valid options. In the same central part of the l'Illa Diagonal Shopping Centre, an ice rink is placed every winter that could teleport you to the Rockefeller Centre in New York. However, it is advisable to check their availability to ensure you enjoy the experience.

Visit the main tourist attractions without the crowds

As we have commented previously, winter is the time of the year where the city hosts a smaller influx of tourists. Thus, traveling to Barcelona during these days can allow you to delight in the main tourist attractions of the city, in a much quieter and calmer way.

La Sagrada Familia, the most important architectural temple in the city created by Antoni Gaudí; the Mercat de la Boquería or the combination of landscaped natural resources with modernist architecture offered by the Parc Güell, are some of the main options that can be visited without having to share the space with an exaggerated amount of visitors.

Winter all covered up

If you really don't like the cold at all, don't worry. Barcelona also has options so that those who suffer the cold the most can enjoy the city under cover and in warmer places.

Starting with museums: the Catalan city has a huge variety of museums of virtually any theme, to enjoy art and architecture from different eras. Among them, the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) stands out, located in Montjuïc, from where you can also see the show of the Font Màgica from its cafeteria.

On the other hand, Barcelona also has a huge number of theatres. Virtually every day there are scheduled performances in the more than 100 theatres that the city has. In addition, another great option, which will also allow you to anticipate the Christmas holidays, is to visit some of the shopping centres for shopping or looking for some gifts for those closest to you.

New Year's Eve and Carnival

Finally, visiting Barcelona in winter will give you the opportunity to celebrate some of the most special nights of the year, such as New Year's Eve. The official party is composed of a 45-minute music, water and pyrotechnics show at Montjuïc Fountain.

Subsequently, and after eating the twelve grapes, the city has many places to go out until dawn, to end the night (or start the day) eating some churros with chocolate.

In addition, at the end of February Carnival is celebrated. And although different events are organised in Barcelona, a few kilometres away you can enjoy the famous Sitges Carnival, where you can live one of the craziest nights of the year in an inclusive, respectful environment and, above all, with a lot of partying!

Therefore, don’t let the cold stop you and visit Barcelona in winter too. Staying at the Pere Tarrés hostel in Barcelona, you can reach the top spots very easily and we will answer all your questions in order to enjoy the best activities offered by the city in winter.