Visit Colonia Güell, one of the lively hearts of Barcelona

Visit Colonia Güell, one of the lively hearts of Barcelona

Did you know that Barcelona has one of the most important modernists complex in the world? The Colonia Güell is one of the lively hearts of Barcelona, which makes locals truly privileged. It can be truly said, that having touristic attraction such as Colonia Güell shows the wealth of monuments. Let's explore our history! Are you joining us?


The construction of the Colonia Güell began in 1890 by the initiative of the entrepreneur Eusebio Güell, who moved the textile industry from one of the Barcelona's district-Sants, to the municipality of Santa Coloma de Cervelló. This created a new industry, more modern than the previous one, moreover with housing of the workers next to the factory, it generated true sense of social interest.

Therefore the Colonia Güell complex, is not only an architectural example but also a case of significant social change. Let’s start first with the architectural complex. One of the highlights is the building of the church by Antoni Gaudí, which set the source of inspirations which would eventually laid to the future design of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.. Other unique buildings of the Colonia Güell are: Ca l'Ordal, Ca l'Espinal, Can Soler de la Torre, La Casa del Secretario (The Administrator ‘s home), The School and the Teacher’s House, the Unió Ateneu, the Fontova Theater, ...

Now we are moving towards our feelings, do you agree..? What makes us fall in love with Colonia Güell is its calmness, the atmosphere which can be breathed while you are encouraged to walk its streets. The unique buildings which represent the popular architecture and Catalan traditions of these periods, add to what we already find important: it would be equipped to provide the cultural and religious space for the workers. The church, mentioned above, set the foundations of Sagrada Familia, and makes this place most recent history example of our city.

In 1990 the Colonia Güell was declared «Heritage of Cultural Interest» by the Spanish government, the recognition which allowed the protection of some of its most relevant buildings, restoration of the factory, the church, the old consumer co-operative, Joan Güell Square should be just highlighted...The Gaudí International Year (2002), was a great year for us, it allowed to set visits service, among other details. If you love Barcelona as much or even more than we do, don't miss the chance to visit this place, which will allow you to learn more about the history of our intense city.

By MARIA ROSA FERRE [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons By Enfo [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons