Vic Medieval Market

Vic Medieval Market

If there is an event you can not miss in December, it is the medieval market in the town of Vic. With nineteen editions behind, this show is a recreational and cultural proposal that offers visitors the perfect excuse to come to the capital of Osona, where they can participate in activities of all kinds and find a variety of products, from sausages to natural soaps.

The market is set with care, and everything recreate an authentic medieval setting that will transport you to another time. One of the highlights is the demonstration of old trades: smiths, charcoal, potters or glassblowers are alive again to surprise you with their skills. The stalls are also characterized, as one would expect, and they'll give you an offer very varied: fresh bread, textiles, wooden toys, decorative products... sure, sooner or later, you can not resist!

Among the activities, you will enjoy different performances, musical performances, Gregorian chant, parades and many other things that will delight young and old. Archery tournaments or disputes between knights will be the icing on the cake for this weekend so special. The opportunity is perfect to enjoy one of the finest medieval market that Catalonia receives annually; there, the atmosphere, the spirit and the good wishes of organizers and attendees come together to give life to a unique and unrepeatable experience year after year.

Vic is a welcoming city and its historic center is the perfect place for jugglers, livestock and humble peasants to come back to life for a few hours. If that was not enough, it will be a new edition of Mercadal v.o., a reproduction of a market in the XV century reconstructed from a document of that time that was kept in the archives of the city. You can enjoy live an exchange house, stalls where herbs are sold, bread, cheese or fish, and also see how the animals were sold at that time.

Not only that, you can walk with beggars, priests and minstrels specially prepared for the occasion. Undoubtedly, it is worth traveling 70 kilometers from Barcelona to Vic to enjoy this unique event, which is held every year during the Bank Holiday of the Constitution, on 6, 7 and 8 December. Seen this way, it is not so far from the Catalan capital, right? Very important! Before leaving Vic, do not forget to stop in the tavern: there you can taste sausage, homemade cold meat, grilled rib and amazing local wine. Vic medieval market is a feast for the senses    

Photo credit: calafellvalo / Foter / CC BY-NC