Vallvidrera, Barcelona's balcony

Vallvidrera, Barcelona's balcony

One of the least known areas of Barcelona, even by the locals, is Vallvidrera, the balcony of Barcelona, one of the most charming areas of the city. Today we invite you to discover with us, to venture into its paths and forests, its roads, and discover the wild, natural and inhospitable side of Barcelona. Do you dare? Come on, here we go! Vallvidrera: the natural side of Barcelona No doubt: Vallvidrera is a privileged area, surrounded by green and silence, nature is king here, and the streets are breaking under the Tibidabo to lead to an area intimately connected with nature. Do you want to know what the most important surprises that you will find here are? We highlight four, but we anticipate that there are more, many more.

#1 Vallvidrera's swamp

If you are looking for pure nature not too far from the city, you have no choice but to do this tour: from Plaça Catalunya take the S1 or S2 line railway and stop at Baixador de Vallvidrera; From here, follow the directions to walk to the swamp. In less than half an hour it will seem that you've moved to another world This swamp was built in the mid s. XIX to supply water to the town of Sarria, which at that time had not yet been annexed to Barcelona. And it was here, too, which took place one of the great milestones in the history of the railroad: the Mina Grott, carrying water from the reservoir, became the first electric passenger train in Spain. The life of this train was short and after just over a year was forced to close its doors forever.

#2 The funicular

Also to connect Sarria, in this case with Collserola, Vallvidrera funicular was built. Fully glazed, it is a spectacular way to enjoy the scenery of Barcelona and Collserola. The big advantage is that this funicular is integrated in Zone 1 of the metropolitan transport and, therefore, there is no need to purchase any special ticket to use it: you will pay the same ticket you use to take the subway or bus.  

#3 Collserola's mountain

Sant Medir, Papiol castle, the Sierra del Moro... Collserola Natural Park has a lot to offer, from spending a family day enjoying a delicious barbecue to wander through it on a trip that can last from hours to several days.

#4 Vil·la Joana This farmhouse built in the s. XVIII, which was completely renovated in the nineteenth, is the place that gave birth to Jacint Verdaguer, one of the greatest exponents of the Catalan Renaissance. It was within its walls where the author of L'Atlàntida spent the last days of his life and here, a few kilometers from Barcelona, where you can relive one of the most important periods in the history of Catalonia.