Trip to Lleida

Trip to Lleida

More or less an hour from the capital, Lleida wakes up as a different destination in the most unknown Catalonia. Beyond modernism, the crowds, the Bicing as a way to move, and having a coffee in the afternoon, there is a world outside, and Lleida is a great example of everything that we can enjoy. So, next time you decide to travel to the city, consider a trip for a few days because Barcelona is great, and so will continue waiting when you return with a big smile from other parts of Catalonia.  

48 hours trip to Lleida

For history lovers, the city of Lleida dates back to the sixth century b.C., where ilergetes were allied with Carthage and dominated the region until the defeat of Hasdrubal; Romanized later, and in the hands of the Visigoths and Muslims in the following centuries like the rest of the territories.

A current visit has to start in the old town, where La Seu Vella, symbol of the city, is presented as a construction made during the XIII century, offering a late Romanesque with some gothic elements; It is impressive the cloister that also has viewpoint functions. On our visit we will also have the opportunity to enjoy the architecture of the area where the Pont Vell in honor to Indibil and Mandoni, symbols of the city of Lleida, the Romanesque door, the parish of Sant Llorenc or the Camps Elisis Park, across the Segre, are some of the great incentives for a walk in this capital of the province.    

Also Lleida's Cathedral, the King's Castle, the Theatre de la Llotja, the Art Museum Jaume Morera and even some examples of modernism that can be seen between the streets are more interesting options through which trace back the history of the city. However, around Lleida, there are many activities for hikers and adventurers, like Alfés area where we can find even prehistoric paintings in El Abrigo de Alfés (Alfés coat) and areas of the Catalan Pyrenees as la Presa de Cavallers or the area of Vall d'Aran.  

Even more accessible is the Natural Park of Montsec in the mountain shared between Catalonia and Aragon, the Castell del Gardeny—built by the Templars in the twelfth century, housed Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Order of the Temple— or dolmens of Castelbó are just some of the great secrets that hides the mountain near Lleida. Dare to live a different day discovering the past and present of Catalonia! The Youth Hostel Pere Tarres in Barcelona is the ideal place to stay during your stay in the city. We will wait for you!  

Photo credit: Marc Herrero / Foter / CC BY-ND