Tips for getting around Barcelona by bike

Tips for getting around Barcelona by bike

The bike has become, little by little, in one of the vehicles that are most seen on the streets of Barcelona. It does not pollute, it is flexible to move anywhere, you always find parking and you don't have to worry about almost any cost. Here are our tips to move around Barcelona by bike


So much so, that the city of Barcelona has launched the Bicing service as a quick and cheap alternative to replace a large number of routes that, until then, had to be made by bus, subway or private transport. However, despite the many obvious advantages, there are also a number of points to be very present if we move around Barcelona by bike; and first of all is related to security and key accessories you should invest in.  

  1. You are a vehicle: this is free, and it will not cost anything (or it can be expensive if you forget). That means you ride on the street, bike lane or sidewalk over 6 meters wide under the current rules; You must use the street lane, respect road signs, pointing maneuvers with arms…
  2. Security. So, lights, helmet and reflective vest (especially at night); They cost very little money and you avoid real headaches if you have a collision.
  3. ¿Sprint? There is no need. A car will go faster and if no bike lane, you'll have to go on the road, so do not worry. It is not a race. If you see a nervous car behind you, you encourage him to go ahead and issue fixed.
  4. Plan your route. If you use it as a means of transportation, you must look for information in the Internet. Find out! 
  5. Chains? Better strong. A good thief break the typical chains in less than five seconds; it is best to leave it visible and in busy streets (and in the street, the minimum time if you can)

What if you do not have your own bike? There is no problem in Barcelona thanks to Bicing. Just keep in mind that it is for short trips and if you're using this vehicle day in and day out,  it will be better for you to invest in your own bike. However, Bicing is a cheap service that works very well. Getting around Barcelona by bike is a healthy way to see the city. The Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel is the only Hostel in Barcelona with bike parking nearby. Bring your bike!  

Photo credit: Fran Urbano / Foter / CC BY