Theatre Recommendations in Barcelona

Theatre Recommendations in Barcelona

Barcelona is undoubtedly a theatre city. You can find all kinds of theatrical activity here — ranging from musicals, to opera or comedy — all complete with top-level performances.  

There are many different types of play showing in Barcelona, which all capture the audience's attention with their own special charm.

Here you'll find some recommendations for current and upcoming shows in Barcelona. Don't miss out!

Musicals in Barcelona

One type of show that really triumphs on stage is, of course, the musical. 

The entertaining way in which songs and music are used to tell a story is always a surefire bet.

In 2020, Barcelona is putting on various musical productions, which have enjoyed great success throughout the years. Here are some of our favourites:

  • West Side Story. The Musical: This is one of the most significant and iconic musicals in universal theatre. The soundtrack features music by Leonard Bernstein with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. It's recognised as one of the best soundtracks in the history of musicals. The play is based on the story of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, set in  New York City. There, two young lovers find themselves caught in a rivalry between two street gangs, the Jets and the Sharks. Showing until 16 February at Teatre Tívoli.
  • El Médico. The Musical: After enjoying success and receiving great reviews on the Madrid circuit, El Médico arrives to Barcelona. This musical, based on Noah Gordan's worldwide bestseller, is created and produced entirely in Spain. It's an ambitious project which boasts 33 stage actors and 20 live musicians, resulting in the largest orchestra in Spanish musical theatre.

It depicts the adventures of Rob, a young orphan, who travels the world to discover the best, most alternative medicine on the planet. Until he falls in love for the first time. Not to be missed! Showing from 2 to 19 April at Teatre Tívoli.

How about some Comedy?

There's no two ways about it, comedy shows enjoy the most success and the best reviews on the Barcelona circuit. You're in luck! Barcelona has a wide variety of comedies on show, so there's something for everyone. Here’s a couple of our top recommendations:

  • Mucha Tontería: The new monologue from Berto Romero. Based on an accurate description of his real-life experience on stage over the last 20 years. The title itself (in English, A Lot of Nonsense) gives insight into what you can expect in this monologue, which has already won different awards, thanks to its new stories, new songs, and the occasional surprise.
  • David Guapo: #quenonosfrunjanlafiesta: A monologue starring one of the most successful comedians of the moment. David Guapo has quickly gone from being relatively unknown to a huge phenomenon, thanks to performances like this. This is not to be missed!

Other Types of Theatre in Barcelona

We also have to make special mention to magic.  During the last few months, Barcelona has been showing one of the most extraordinary magic shows ever to be seen. 

Nothing is Impossible from the Mago Pop (The Pop Magician), is a journey through the extraordinary, full of surprises, fun, sensitivity, rhythm, and emotion; an adventure full of illusion with a huge performance from the Mago Pop, who shows his audience every night that, Nothing is Impossible! Don't think twice! Grab your tickets now for this spectacular show at Teatre Victoria.

This is just a small starter on the huge menu of plays you can find in Barcelona. We encourage you to do some investigating for yourself, and always keep an eye out for the theatre offers in the city. We have no doubt that a regular trip to the theatre really improves your quality of life!

We'd recommend that you check out a few different pages when buying tickets for theatre shows, as occasionally you can find discounts and offers for theatre tickets at a very reduced price. Waste no more time! And, as they say in the theatre: Break a leg!

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