The Street Food phenomenon moves to Barcelona

The Street Food phenomenon moves to Barcelona

The Street food trend or eating on the street has reached many cities in recent years, including Barcelona. No wonder it responds to a need, that of feeling free and at the same time socializing, while tasting the best of the culinary recipes of the moment. But in Barcelona, it goes further! Because people are searching for formulas so that the street food goes from being a fashion to being really established.  Let's go into this new cuisine. Come with us! 


We start by going deeper into the idea of ​​street food, okay? In Barcelona different events such as the Van Van Market, SoundEat, Eat Street ... are organized throughout the year to help you live this experience. These events are based on the basic idea of ​​enjoying a quality gastronomic offer, but in a public space, which facilitates the creation of a true popular atmosphere.

We do not exaggerate when we tell you that the environment is truly dreamy, because the protagonists of the day are you and your friends or family, and food trucks, habitats of a very special charm in which they create the delicacies. In this environment, therefore, it is important to take care of the appearance of the gastronetas or restaurant trucks because it also has to be a treat for the eyes. So, what can you taste?

One of the secrets of street food is to use products of proximity and fresh, which means quality. The recipes must be original, simple and creative, cooked in the same place, in the food truck, there, at the moment. To the quality that this culinary experience means, we must add a close service and friendly treatment of the food truckers, which turns the street food into experiences truly unrepeatable. If you are interested in knowing when and where the next street food is organized you can have a look at this agenda.

We can already recommend one, the Palo Alto Market, which has been organized for the beginning of April, an unavoidable event for street food lovers, social food by nature. If you thought that in Barcelona it is difficult to get away from the routine and the stress of the day-to-day, you see that it is possible and it is thanks to initiatives of social and authentic character like this one. Do not miss it, because it's an amazing face of Barcelona!