Night of the museums Barcelona 2019: information and activities

Night of the museums Barcelona 2019: information and activities

As it is already a tradition, each year the International day of the Museum is held in May and its respective “Night of the museums in Barcelona”. Around 18 May, generally on the closest Saturday. It is a great international event which involves more than 157 countries, more than 36.000 museums and more than 37 languages. After the famous international day of the museum, the night of the museums starts, a moment during which magic and culture collaborate to offer us an absolutely unique experience.

Internacional day of the Museum

The ICOM (international council of museums) created this event in 1977 in order to increase public awareness about the challenges facing museums in the modern society. After all the ICOM defines the museums as non-profit institutions which goal is to preserve the heritage of humanity. After this first call, more and more museums started to participate year after year until now. Over the years, we see that, in addition of being a meeting point for culture lovers, the museums made considerable efforts to offer different kind of activities and events to accompany a so important day.

Night of the museums

Years after the creation of the international day of the museums, a European initiative created the night of the museums. The goal of the night of the museums is the same, to rise public awareness about the importance of the museums and to be a meeting point. However, no one can deny that visiting a museum at night is more charming than during the day.

In addition, we are lucky to have more than 80 registered museums for this event in Barcelona and surroundings. In many of which you can enjoy events like concerts, games for children (like the treasure hunt), short films and all kind of guided visits and talks. It has become the ideal date for culture lovers.

The museums you cannot miss

Officially, we can enjoy the “night of the museums from 7:00 pm, even if most of the museums will offer the free access throughout the day. Having their doors opened until 1:00 am.

This is the perfect day (and night) to visit these museums you wanted to see and never had the time to do it. And, even if the visit will be free, it is advisable that you check the website of the museums you want to visit, since to enter some of the most important ones, you will need a prior registration. This is for example the case for Museu Picasso, La Pedrera, Museu de les Arts Escèniques – MAE, Casa Vicens and the Centre Jujol-Can Negre. That is why we recommend you check them in advance to be able to enter and to enjoy one of the most beautiful and charming event of Barcelona.