The New Barcelona

The New Barcelona

If there is something that continues to surprise us are the thousand and one faces of Barcelona. An unstoppable change that began nearly twenty years ago and, today, has given first class infrastructure to the less central areas.  

The New Barcelona: From Barceloneta to Besós

Thus, the new Barcelona is presented as a continuation of the already know area between the Gothic neighborhood and El Raval, between the Olympic area and the neighborhood of Gracia. Now, the sea and the mountains give way to the remodeling and improvement of areas like Sant Martí, the Poble Nou and Besos.

The archetype of all these projects is clearly in areas such as 22@, located in what were more than 200 hectares of industrial areas, where abandoned factories gave way in the year 2000 to hundreds of companies that coexist with universities, housing and research centers with more than 60,000 jobs in the area. To the Districte 22@ it is added the Urban Canopy, which will transform Las Glorias in one of the largest green areas of Barcelona 2017 A little over a kilometer from the Agbar Tower we find the Habitat Sky Hotel, a 120 meters high Hotel built in 2007, which with its structure cantilevered over the entrance of the building, rivals other major proposals of Barcelona as the Arts Hotel and the Torre Realia BCN, located in Hospitalet de Llobregat.

But perhaps what most like tourists and residents of Barcelona is a project of the scale of the Illa de la Llum, where it is proposed an apartment building that aims to accommodate all the amenities and services of the main residential areas that, until now, has been difficult to create in the Besos area. Its composition is very interesting

Barcelona citizens live, gradually, an urban transition between new technologies, ecology and affordable urbanism with which improve the quality of life of its inhabitants; the great examples are mentioned above, but also the Forum or the Hotel ME, Torre Diagonal Zero and Barcelona Design Hub; an architecture that redefines itself every day, and thinks about the needs of the city and its citizens: green, innovative and modernized, as the Valencian architect Vicente Guallart said. Strolling through the New Barcelona admiring its modern architecture takes time, and the Youth Hostel Pere Tarres in Barcelona is your ideal place to enjoy the architecture that houses this stunning city. We will wait for you!