The best Tapas in Barcelona

The best Tapas in Barcelona

Although we are not always taken seriously when we say it, the truth is that in Barcelona we love eating tapas: we do not like, we love; and we even have those tapas bars you have to visit sometimes. You do not believe it? You'll see when you finish reading our selection of tapas in Barcelona...  

Barcelona's tapas you can not miss

Patatas Bravas... it's something spiritual

We like it too much. And the best are in Bar Tomas (Major de Sarria, 49). They are with aioli and a touch of spice, but you must try

We have a bomb!

And the real ones are in La Barceloneta, where it is said they invented La Bomba (the bomb) in La Cova Fumada (Baluart, 56), home cooking restaurant, and we do not know if it's true, but you will not regret to stroll around.

Let's go with the fish…

Well, perhaps the meat does not motivate you, right? And what about the fish? If you are looking for fish tapas in Barcelona, ​​we recommend you the Jai-Ca Bar (Ginebra, 13) with calamari, Octopus tapas, anchovies, cuttlefish...

For the green lovers

Although finding tapas in an intrinsically vegetarian place is a complex issue, you will find crispy eggplant, risotto and tempura artichokes in Gasterea (Verdi, 39), and the escalibada of Sesame (Sant Antoni Abat, 52) is really good if you want a second option.

What about the most famous tapas in Barcelona?

Let us not forget to send you to try the tapas of La Esquinica (Fabra i Puig, 296)! Now, if we talk about tapas, you should know that Barcelona is a city of olives: it's classic, it's easy, but it is essential, so keep this in mind and try a few types. The locals love fresh fish and seafood, so squid, mussels and cockles should not be missing on a list of typical tapas. Padron peppers are also a must, and you should ask for jamón ibérico with pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato), Spanish tortilla and different cheeses. That is all! We hope that you enjoyed this list of the most typical tapas in Barcelona: Enjoy! Whether for its gastronomy, its monuments and its climate, Barcelona is more fashionable than ever. The Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel is the best hostel of Barcelona in which to enjoy the city, its environment, its citizens and, of course, the best tapas in Barcelona. We will wait for you!