The best places to climb in Barcelona

The best places to climb in Barcelona

Adventure tourism is a trend. The possibility of traveling with your backpack and getting to know amazing places in a special way is a fabulous feeling. Among the typical activities of adventure tourism we find climbing. Climbing in Barcelona allows you to see incredible sunsets and landscapes, that in no other way could you see them with your own eyes.


The two most emblematic places to climb in Barcelona are the Macizo de Montserrat and the Pedraforca.


The Montserrat massif is the most significant place to climb in Barcelona. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the world of climbing you can enjoy this mountain in Barcelona. Montserrat is the most extensive climbing area in Spain. In this incredible massif there are more than 1500 needles, walls and spurs. More than 500 open climbing paths make it one of the most impressive places to practice climbing. Despite this, the area is not not crowded with climbers, what allows to have an excellent experience.

If we talk about large walls that by their length gain respect of climbers of any level we can not forget the Sant Jeroni, the Paret dels Diables with its 300-meter-long Via Sánchez-Martínez or the Paret de l'Aeri with Vía dels sostres, with a difficulty of 6a and 265 demanding meters of length. We can not forget the mythical Cavall Bernat, the most majestic monolith and needle par excellence of Monserrat. The area of the Monastery also has mythical climbing areas such as Panxa del Bisbe, La Prenyada, la Momia, with its Pirenáicas and Haus Strems tracks, or the Vía Boi-Roca in the area of L'Elefant. The striking needles of Montserrat are scalable and highly valued by climbers. The Bitlla, the Ball of Partió, or la Roca Gran de la Portella with its Vía Laponia are its maximum exponents. Watching sunset from here is wonderful.

The rock that forms the mountain range of the Montserrat is formed by agglomerations of medium-sized boulders. The sediment of the rock is in grey colour and it has a great quality for the climbing. The texture of the stone is perfect for practicing climbing. It has a large number of holes and protruding stones that facilitate the climb to the top of the mountain. The weather conditions of the area allow you to practice the sport of climbing during all seasons of the year.

Even so, you should keep in mind that during the summer the southern slope reaches very high temperatures. At this time of year it is recommend climbing on the northern slope, especially if you are starting in the climbing world. Monserrat mountain is part of the Monserrat Natural Park, due to this, the climbing is subject to a number of conditions not to affect the reproduction of birds of prey in the area. These restrictions change every year, so it might be the case that for several years there are no restrictions at all.


It’s another magnificent mountain to practice climbing and hiking in the province of Barcelona. Many alpine climbing lovers visit Pedraforca annually, its long alpine courts are fabulous. The climb in the Pedraforca is of medium difficulty, suitable for both experts and beginners. The Via Estimball is one of the most impressive ones in Barcelona, it is a climb of 350 meters and difficulty 6th +, Ae or 7b + with the prize of an excellent view of the Sierra del Cadí. It’s a great encouragement to climb it. If it is very hot you can enjoy a good climbing in the shade of Via Angada Robins. The track is in perfect condition and it’s ideal to get you started in the world of climbing.

The climbing at Pedraforca is allowed all year long. There are loads of paths with shade for the hot months. During the winter the long routes of alpine cut are perfect. You have no excuse, get climbing equipment and discover the best places to climb in Barcelona. Get on the next track!