The best paella in Barcelona? We tell you where to try it

The best paella in Barcelona? We tell you where to try it

Paella is one of the star dishes of the cuisine of our country. That is why there are many tourists who insist on enjoying the best rice when they come to visit our land. Although Valencia is the region in which this recipe has been most famous, it admits a large number of varieties, Barcelona is a city where you can also taste an exquisite paella, so in this post we wanted to recommend some of the places where you eat the best paella in Barcelona.

The most advisable thing is that you approach the coast, the Barceloneta district, the Paseo Marítimo or any other point of the coast. The paella that you will find most in Barcelona is probably the marinera, because it is a coastal city. However, you will not find it difficult to find restaurants where you can eat paella in Barcelona that is of other varieties, such as Valencian (which is what gives the name to the original recipe), mixed, mountain or vegetable.

The Best Paella in Barcelona: 5 Restaurants where to eat

If you want to know where to eat the best paella in Barcelona, ​​we recommend that you take a look at the list of restaurants that we are going to offer you next. To make this selection we have been led by a series of criteria, especially the quality of the raw material they serve, and also that the prices are okay with what they serve to the guests.

Restaurant Can Majó

In the heart of the Barceloneta is the Can Majó which, according to the opinions of many customers and culinary experts, is the place where you eat the best seafood rice in the whole of Barcelona. It is a restaurant where tradition is breathed and that is near the sea. Their star dish, which they recommend, is the sweet rice of crayfish and clams.

Meson Barceloneta

It is one of the most traditional restaurants in this unique neighborhood, which opened its doors in 1940. Mesón Barceloneta is the place where you will find the best black rice in the whole city. If we stick to the opinions of consumers, it is a place that is worth going to try your rice menu and its variety of seafood.

Restaurant Can Solé

112 years of history contemplate Can Solé, undoubtedly a place of pilgrimage for those who eat seafood and good rice is a pleasant experience. Located in the fishing port of Barceloneta, its menu includes up to 18 varieties of rice, so you can choose the one you want to try most.

Taverna Can Ros

It was born 110 years ago as a winery, and still retains the traditional and characteristic atmosphere of fishermen. Can Ros maintains a menu of cooking of a lifetime at good prices. It is a place where eating paella in Barcelona is worth it. La Mar Salada, also in Barceloneta, belongs to the same owners. In any of them, try the arrosegat and you will not regret it. Enjoying a good paella in Barcelona is a great gastronomic experience if you know where to go. For you, where can you eat the best paella in Barcelona?