The best mexican Restaurants in Barcelona, ¡Que viva Mexico!

The best mexican Restaurants in Barcelona, ¡Que viva Mexico!

Mexican cuisine has long come to Barcelona and it was logical. It arrived to settle in! Fajitas, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, tacos, guacamole... they open the appetite to anyone, right? It is a gastronomy that we relate with intense flavors, with joy and with much color. We are going to recommend you some of the best Mexican cuisine Restaurants in Barcelona, ​​make sure you get to know them! 


It is a gastronomy that we relate with intense flavors, with joy and with much color. Malpaso is a restaurant that we could call ultracool and super recommendable. Why? This next to the Malpaso publishing house, known for publishing jewels by little-known authors, essays on essentials... Literature we like! This gives the place a privileged environment. It is run by Salvador Barba, who is Mexican. Although it will not seem like a Mexican restaurant, as soon as you have the menu in your hands you will fall in love with the restaurant's gastronomic offer.

Enchiladas, tacos, crunchy wheat tortilla soup, Moctezuma tuna... Keep in mind the midday menu that is well priced and good value for money. Oh, and do not leave without tasting their desserts! You will find Oaxaca in the district of El Born, near the port. It is run by Joan Bagur, who has 15 years of Mexican culinary experience, imagine! For the elaboration of their dishes they are based on ancient culinary processes, combined with contemporary techniques of avant-garde. This is true magic and the rest is nonsense!

We recommend Taco Rosarito, Cochinita Pibil, Aguachile with mango, the fried Boquinete... If you have the time, come to their tavern, you will find 200 varieties of authentic organic mezcal! Niño Viejo is also a great Mexican restaurant that you will find near Plaza España in Barcelona. Albert Adrià and Paco Méndez offer haute cuisine and surprising dishes such as the truffle quesadilla with ceps, the veal wagyu with mole chichilo, chickens with achiote marinade ... The backbone of this restaurant is the atmosphere that gets you moving with just flicking your fingers. And its gastronomic Mexican offer unequaled.

Do not leave this restaurant without tasting their homemade desserts! The objective of Niño Viejo is to transport you to another state, where the most absolute tranquility, joy and happiness dominate! You will find in the neighborhood of Sagrada Familia, the restaurant La taquería. Yes, it is clear, in Barcelona you can find a little Mexico. In its decoration predominate red, green and blue colors, it is pure joy!

In its varied menu predominate the Aztec flavors, with protagonism, extremely intense! We recommend traditional tacos with marinated meat with orange juice, pineapple, vinegar, tomato and spices, alambre ranchera, crispy quesadillas, cazuelitas ... Ir never was easier to travel, do not you think? You will love these Mexican Restaurants in Barcelona. You must go! Yummy!