The 5 best beaches in Barcelona

The 5 best beaches in Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot to offer for a quick visit or for a more organised trip. Stunning parks, gastronomic culture, festivities, cultural events, architecture, and a long etcetera. However, we cannot deny that, when the good weather comes, one of the main attractions is the sea. Especially for all those who come and look for the traditional combination of “Sun and beach”. That is why we have prepared a selection of some of the most emblematic and interesting beaches you can visit. Take note and enjoy them!

Barcelona’s beaches

Without even having to go out of the city, you can go for a walk until some of the most interesting Barcelona’s beaches. And the first to mention must be the emblematic Barceloneta. The most famous beach of Barcelona.


One of the biggest and ancient beaches of the area. You can access it from numerous bus lines or walking, since it is located near the Olympic Port. It is so close that it is the favourite beach of young people playing aquatic sports and of the foreign tourists.

Other nearby beaches

Barcelona coast unique geography makes you will find beaches on almost all the coastline, so you can visit spaces as majestic and emblematic as Somorrostro beach, Bogatell beach or Sant Miquel beach without too much effort. With a smaller and intimate size, but with an access as easy as Barceloneta’s one. If you like another type of beaches you also can enjoy the famous Mar Bella beach without going to far. What special feature does this beach have? It is the most famous and pleasant nudist beach of Barcelona. So, if you want to enjoy the sun and the beach without having to use swimsuit, this is the best option. It will enchant you. White and fine sand with a perfect climate.

Another almost obligated visit is the preserved and calm beach of Nova Icaria, which has multiple services like showers and an area for people with disabilities. It has adapted bathrooms and walkaways that lead to the beach to facilitate the bath for everyone.

Beaches near Barcelona

And if you are willing to get away from the city, you cannot miss to visit emblematic and beautiful beaches like Sitges’ one. This city has incredible beaches of fine sand near a city with a strong nightlife scene. The most popular beach is Bassa Rodana’s one. Another option is travelling to the north since the Renfe line links Barcelona to Badalone and Girona, so you can take the train and get off at the station near the beach you most like. Even if it is true that in some spots of the coast, the train line itself gives a strange aspect to the beaches, it is undeniably very comfortable to be able to visit almost every beach between Girona and Barcelona. There are so much beaches to visit and to enjoy in Barcelona and the surrounding area that you cannot chose. What are you waiting for to discover them for yourself?