Take a beer in the concert bars of Barcelona

Take a beer in the concert bars of Barcelona

If the day in Barcelona is crazy, you cannot imagine the night! Musically speaking, for example, the night has movement. A good example of this are the concerts of singers or groups of music that are organized throughout the year. But sometimes you want something quieter, right? Having a drink in a quiet place while listening to music is a privilege that in Barcelona you can also enjoy. We are going to attend some of the venues, halls, restaurants and concert bars in Barcelona that we recommend, do you come with us? 


At Harlem Jazz Club you can have a drink or whatever you want while listening to live music. You will love this place in the Gothic neighborhood, first for its exterior design resembling a London phone booth; inside the jazz club, musicians painted on its walls will make you enter a new world in which musical styles such as jazz, blues or reggae will be your friends. Do not miss it!

The Philarmonic opened its doors in 1998. It is a pub restaurant with an English ideology located in the center of Barcelona. Between its walls, different activities are organized, that dynamize a place in which it is easy that you feel the most alive essence of the British pubs par excellence. Take a beer listening to blues music or live music ... You'll love it! Let’s go now to a historical tablao in which have been the great names of flamenco and rumba.

We refer to the Sala Tarantos. It is an indisputable referent for the new generations of Catalan flamenco and for those who want to enjoy a flamenco session. Having something while listening to Alba Carmona, Sara Flores ... while Nacho Blanco or Iván Alcalá dance ... Yes, it is a great privilege. Do not miss it, it is a must.

If you love the rumba, you will also find concert bars in Barcelona. We recommend La Rumbeta. Rumba has reappeared for a few years and has returned to show in the city in places like this, which become a classic. You must go if you are a rumba lover or if you just want to have a beer or a glass of wine accompanied by a cheerful atmosphere. We finish our musical adventure with Little Italy which is a restaurant committed to jazz, that is where enjoying jazz is guaranteed. The offer of dinners with a concert is wide, so you can taste their gastronomic offer while listening to jazz by the hand of renowned professionals.

It is a concerts bar in Barcelona ideal for you to have a drink and so that you feel that you move thanks to something as essential in our lives as the music. We hope that our recommendations have motivated you to stop the time, with a good beer, a glass of wine or with the most delicious cocktail and the best music ... it is possible!