Sport on the beaches of Barcelona

Sport on the beaches of Barcelona

With the good weather we feel like doing some outdoor exercise. Sport on the beach is an increasingly common practice among all those who live in a city like Barcelona which also is fortunate to have a lot of beaches over the coast Discover with us which sports you can practice on the beaches of Barcelona!  

Sporting activities on the beaches of Barcelona

We start with a risky activity: parasailing. If you like adventure sports, nothing better than enjoying the sea high above it on a parachute driven by a powerful boat! It is an experience certainly spectacular and unique that will make you live Barcelona from the heights.

We continue with extreme sports. What about Flyboard? You can enjoy it in the Olympic Port of Barcelona, ​​not far from the center of town! It consists of a hoverboard attached to a watercraft. You can even go underwater while practicing your acrobatic exercises. We recommend going to see this show like no other and then decide. It's a daring experience!

If you don't like risk, don't worry, you an try a middle way activity: a kayak excursion. You do sport, but in a more contemplative way. You can go alone or with someone. You do exercise while you practice guidance, navigation... The possibility of kayaking in the open waters of the Mediterranean means enjoying an environment of unparalleled beauty. Do not miss it!  

Paddle surfing, surfing and windsurfing are forms with a common philosophy. The Paddle Surfing is the new practice of surf consisting on rowing as you hold onto the surfboard. Windsurfing means moving in the water on a surf table, but provided with a sail. In Barcelona there are also many companies that organize these activities in different beaches.

Practicing outdoor Yoga in Barcelona means getting away mentally. In the lower part of the Vila Olímpica (Olympic Village), for example, on the beach, you will find places with adequate equipment in areas in which to practice your favorite sport. Enjoy spectacular views and a breeze that easily connect you with your deeper self. The Hotel W and its paved areas are also a good place to participate in this vital exercise.

Practice running on the beaches of Barcelona is easy. Why? Because running accompanied by the sound of the sea, in an environment of disconnection, with spaces enabled, it is highly recommended. You can run along the promenade or just, along the shore of any beach in town!  

If you don't know how to play beach volleyball in Barcelona you will find groups and clubs that will help you learn the sport that still has so many followers. You just need a group of friends, a net (on the beaches of Barcelona you will find them), and... be prepared to have fun! You can request information from associations or sports schools in the town.

If you prefer to practice sport, but enjoy the tranquility, nothing better than sailing and finish the day enjoying the beautiful sunset on one of the beaches on the Barcelona coastline.

If you thought that in the beaches of Barcelona you would only find people sunbathing and taking a bath, you see that you were wrong! There is no excuse to stay fit near the sea.