Some villages near Barcelona to visit

Some villages near Barcelona to visit

Barcelona is one of the culturally richest provinces, with some of the most beautiful places on the Peninsula. If you are planning a trip to discover the province, you should be aware that Barcelona as a lot more to offer than the classic wining combination of beach and sun.

5 villages near Barcelona you should visit

We are going to discover some of the villages near Barcelona that are well worth visiting at least once in your lifetime:


Located at the foot of the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i d'Obac, it is a small village with a medieval and very charming appearance. You can walk through its narrow and steep streets, discovering unique places like the Romanesque church. You can enjoy peaceful walks with stunning views and feel you make part of a centuries-old tradition. Walking around the town, you can find numerous monuments which are well worth visiting, but you also can go until the river at the foot of the town and enjoy a relaxing bath.

Rupit i Pruit

Rupit i Pruït is another of the most beautiful and very charming towns of Barcelona, that you will discover in Osona region. The main attraction is that it remains an ancient and well-preserved aesthetic with stones houses and a bucolic charm. Ideal for a romantic trip. It has various must-visit stops like the old suspension bridge or the church.


Another of these mountain charming villages, located this time in the Maresme region, at only 18 kilometers from Barcelona. Apart from being located in a dreamy environment to relax of the daily life, you can visit the surprising abandoned school of Escalopios. An interesting and curious visit of what used to be a catholic school which fell in disuse and, then, was abandoned. Another important visit waiting for you in Alella is the grandes bodegas (great wineries) of Alta Alella, from which you can have a walk with a stunning panoramic view of Barcelona and of the Mediterranean. In this farm you also can practice other interesting activities. It is an ideal place for a bike excursion from Barcelona, enjoying the cava and the peace of the area and coming back to city before the end of the day.


Bagà is another of these lucky towns with a strong medieval character, located near the Natural Park of Cadí-Moixeró, one of the most important and beautiful natural parks of the province. Apart from the bucolic backgrounds Bagà offers, it is also advisable to visit the Medieval and Cathar Centre, the Romanesque bridge (ideal for a romantic visit) and the path of good men.


What about Sitges? One of the most known and emblematic towns of the Mediterranean cost. Internationally famous for the aesthetic combination of quiet fishing town and modern town. Sitges has numerous attractions like some of the best and most visited beaches and a surprising peace during the day. When you visit Sitges, you cannot forget to visit its museums such Cau Ferrat or Museu Maricel, among others.

These are some of the most beautiful villages near Barcelona, we hope you like them and visit them soon!