Short Trip to Palamós

Short Trip to Palamós

Today we will discover you a treasure that you will find close to Barcelona, in the heart of Costa Brava. Yes, we talk about Palamós. You will discover a dream city full of activities that you can do in these summer days when all you want is to enjoy the sun and the moments of rest

Palamós, the treasure of the Costa Brava

We will begin describing Palamós for you to know it better. It is located in a vast bay in the coast of the province of Girona. Its coastal boundary is peculiar because it consists of paradisiacal beaches of clear water in a natural environment of unparalleled beauty. The sea is the raison d'etre of the place, because the sea is always wonderful, but here is more than that, it's a way of life. You can find coves surrounded by rocks, mysterious seabed ... places to isolate yourself from stress and fast pace of any other city.

Palamós is a fishing town of extensive maritime tradition, so fishing is its first economic activity. So, we recommend you to visit the Fishing Museum to learn about the life and history of the sailors in the area. Oh, now you're in the port, take the opportunity to participate in some of the gastronomic initiatives organized in the Espai del Peix. Another thing you should do is to try the famous Palamós Gamba (Palamós Prawn). Its deep red color will convince your palate. Prawn with other local products such as squid, cuttlefish ... that you can take with your couple, family or friends in one of the bars of the promenade with a good wine from l'Empordà.

If what you like is to walk, discover the municipal heritage walking the coastal path or explore the valley of Bell-lloc. The famous coastal path runs along the coast and connects all the beaches and coves, allowing you to truly enjoy the best landscape. If you like the world of wine, Bell-lloc farm will help you stop time. It is a wine cellar where you can participate in a tasting or take a big breakfast with organic products. If you love sports, imagine how wonderful, because, in summer, international sports competitions are organized, or if you like football do not forget where you are, because one of the oldest teams in Spain is the football club Palamós. Yes, a visit to Palamós is a way to get away from the routine and get ready for the day to day. Visit it!  

Photo credit: Asier Sarasua | bcnbelu84 | Jos Dielis